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F1 Race Stars Out Now on the App Store

Use power-ups, hit jumps, powerslide around corners and speed through shortcuts as you jostle for position with the cast of F1 Race Stars, available now on the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

40 super-charged tracks from 15 Formula 1 Grand Prix locations across the world.

Featuring all the cars, teams and drivers from the 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship racing across over 40 super-charged tracks from 15 Formula 1 Grand Prix locations across the world. Each track has been designed for quick-fire portable gaming and features jumps, shortcuts and a range of awesome power-ups, including Wet Weather, Homing Bubbles, Safety Car and many more.

Using simple touch or tilt controls, handling is accessible, fast and fun – you’ll now be able to build boost by powersliding around corners and then slingshot up the track, slipstream your rivals and hit boost pads to speed through the pack.


Race as your favourite driver or as one of many of our new fantasy characters and make use of our new upgrades system to really make your mark out on the track.

  • A New Development For iOS – F1 Race Stars’ track design, handling and customisation options are designed to bring fast and fun arcade thrills to racing fans of all ages and is optimised for use on Apple’s latest A7 chip powered iPads and iPhones.
  • Console Quality Visuals – Powered by Codemasters’ EGO Game Technology Platform to feature High Dynamic Range rendering with bloom, full screen post-process effects (blur, distortion, vignettes, anti-aliasing), dynamic weather effects, spherical harmonic lighting and global illumination. Basically, it looks amazing.
  • Official Formula One Cars & Stars – Features all the cars, teams and stars from the 2013 FORMULA ONE season including Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.
  • 40+ Tracks To Master – Set at real-world F1™ GRAND PRIX locations, gamers can race over 40 free-to-play tracks. Powerslide around tight and twisty Monaco, speed along a dragon’s back in China or tear up the baseball field in the USA and more!
  • Fast & Fun Handling – Players can powerslide around corners, use slipstream to close the gap and choose touch or tilt, right or left-handed controls and includes support for the latest game controllers.
  • Awesome Power-ups – Unleash the mighty Bottle Rocket to power through the pack, call in a Rain Cloud on the leader, slow rivals with Wet Weather and many more!
  • Fantasy Drivers – Play as your favourite star or choose from a huge selection of fantasy drivers with their own special abilities – including Robot, Ninja, Wizard, Secret Agent and many more.
  • Collect & Combine Upgrades – Players can discover hundreds of upgrades to boost their character’s skills which can be combined to improve and customise on-track performance.
  • Five Race Modes  – Players can choose from Race events, Elimination mode, Slalom Gate events, Pole Position sprints and tactical Refuel races.
  • TV Output & Gamepad – Experience F1 RACE STARS on your TV and use your device as a controller with dual display mode. F1 RACE STARS also includes support for gamepads for the full console experience.
  • Multiplayer & Social Support – Multiplayer racing is available via Bluetooth and WifFi and gamers can unlock 50+ achievements with Game Center and share progress through Facebook.
  • Officially Licensed – From Codemasters, the publishers of award-winning, multi-million selling FORMULA 1 videogames, F1 RACE STARS is officially licensed by Formula One World Championship Limited.


F1 Race Stars is now available on the App Store and free to download, give it a try and let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook.


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Update, turn out we can kill it! Took a lot of tries but I finally did it. Grimvalor made my weekend, 5 stars 🥰 : iosgaming

Hell yeah, takes forever to deplete his HP though. I suspected we could since it seems inspired by Dark Souls, this sub confirmed it for me.

I remember falling in love with DS1 when I accidentally attacked the 1st NPC I met. He’s so OP he can kill you in 1-2 swings, and even after you die and revive he will keep attacking you. You’re supposed to start over but after many tries I managed to kill him and man It feels so damn good!

Killing the Slayer feels just as great but you get an amazing sword too 🤣

Brand New Playable Character Annie of the Stars Arrives in ‘Skullgirls’ Mobile Version 4.4 Update – TouchArcade

Back in February Hidden Variable studios dropped a bombshell when they announced that a brand new playable character would be arriving for their mobile adaptation of the popular Skullgirls fighting game, and it’s been about two months since that fighter was announced to be Annie of the Stars, a peripheral character in the larger Skullgirls universe. Well today is finally the day, as version 4.4 of Skullgirls Mobile has gone live and Annie is officially part of the roster.

Annie is the first brand new playable character to be added to a Skullgirls game in more than 5 years, as all of the roster additions to the mobile version have been for characters who already existed in the console and PC Skullgirls. She won’t be staying mobile-exclusive forever though as the game’s publisher Autumn Games will be bringing her to Skullgirls 2nd Encore on other platforms early next year. As always you can find all of the nitty gritty details about Annie and the 4.4 update over on the official Skullgirls Mobile forums.

It’s also worth pointing out that, as many of you likely know already, there has been some major drama surrounding Skullgirls original developer Lab Zero Games and one of its founders. Since then the bulk of the employees at Lab Zero have struck out to form a new company, and both Hidden Variable and Autumn Games put out an official statement in August basically saying that Autumn is the sole owner and controller of the Skullgirls IP and that they’ll be moving forward with work on the mobile, console, and PC versions of the games without any involvement from Lab Zero whatsoever.

While the 4.4 update has gone live earlier today, the servers for Skullgirls Mobile are still down for maintenance as of this writing, getting everything in shape for Anne of the Star’s arrival. It shouldn’t be TOO long though before you can hop into the game and check her out, and keeping your eye on the Skullgirls Mobile Twitter account is a good way to know the instant the servers are back online.

+0.1 stars can boost conversion 25% Search Engine Watch

ROI of improving online reviews

A review rating increase of just 0.1 stars can boost a location’s online conversion rates – such as phone calls, website clicks or requests for directions – by 25%, according to new report from location marketing firm Uberall released yesterday.

A 25% rise in conversion can “also mean a 25% increase in foot traffic every day,” said Uberall SVP of Marketing Norman Rohr in a statement. The “Reputation Management Revolution Report” [free, registration required] also finds that a jump from a 3.5-star rating to 3.7 can see a disproportionate jump in conversions of 120%, the highest growth jump available.

A business’ priority on this front, then, should be to acquire 3.7 stars or above at all of its locations, Uberall said. Reviews and ratings of businesses are frequently posted by consumers on sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and Google, among others.

‘Near me’ searches

Additionally, 4.0 and 4.4 stars also represent key review benchmarks in terms of affecting user actions. At 4.4 stars, bigger businesses start to achieve higher conversion rates than SMBs, which outperform larger businesses below 4.4.

Based in Berlin, Uberall offers a platform that helps businesses optimize for “near me” customers, including review management and making it easier to find relevant info, like directions or opening times.

The report also found that:

  • Mobile searches for brands and products “near me” have exploded, with 82 percent of users having conducted a “near me” search. Among millennials, the “near me” search rate is 92%.
  • Nearly half of all consumers have left a review online, and 95% report that reviews influence their buying decisions.
  • Replies by brands to their reviews can have a substantial effect on acquiring new customers. The report said that a 30% reply rate is the benchmark threshold. For example, enterprise locations that reply to at least 32% of their reviews were rewarded with 80% higher conversions than direct competitors.
  • Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that replied to only 10% of their reviews saw a similar impact. But SMBs have a higher average review reply rate (25%), compared to 12% for enterprises and 9% for global brands. Rohr noted that SMBs rely on customer reviews to drive brand awareness and visibility more than bigger brands, which can more readily buy visibility.

Asking for reviews

Rohr told SEW via email that businesses do better when they proactively ask for reviews. Without review solicitation, he said, “businesses will primarily face negative reviews,” because “customers aroused by an emotional experience tend to submit reviews on their own,” and that includes negative experiences.

Although this is Uberall’s first report on this kind of reputation management, it released a report last year about responding to customer reviews and a report last summer on reviews for SMBs.

This report analyzed sixty-four thousand large and small Google business profiles in the US, UK, France and Germany that utilized the Uberall platform.

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