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Are you Paying too much for Web Hosting: Tips to reduce your budget | Windows VPS Hosting Blog

Are you Paying too much for Web Hosting: Tips to reduce your budget

Web hosting isn’t a thing about which everybody knows well. Web hosting is one of the greatest factors behind your website’s success or failure, and that’s the reason choosing the right one is such a huge decision.

The right web hosting can make you thousands of bucks every month, and if you switch to non-reliable hosting, it can destroy your earnings and website’s user-base.

Believe it or not, around 3/4th of the total website owners end up paying too much for web hosting, and even the bitter fact is that they have to keep paying this amount every month of renewal.

It’s totally possible that you are paying $30 for any web hosting plan with given features, and you get something almost the same for $7 from some other hosts and enjoy the same features.

You really need to be sharp, and we’re here to help you in understanding the factors which directly save your bucks. Believe us; you can reduce your hosting budget to an unbelievable level.

So, shall we begin our “big savior” guide?

Best Tips for Saving Your Web Hosting Budget

Best Tips for Saving Your Web Hosting Budget

Now, there are several ways for that, and we’re listing 9 of those, which save you the most money.

Buy Domain & hosting from the same provider

There are several hosting providers which provide you the facility of domain registration as well. Now, while buying a domain, we consider the price very keenly, but on the other hand, we lose big bucks on buying web hosting.

Now, suppose you’re paying 2 dollars extra on domain registration but getting web hosting from the same provider at a comfortable rate, then just go for it. If you buy both the things for just one provider, there are chances that you get a discount on that.

Also, some companies don’t charge anything for the Domain for the first year if you buy their hosting service.

However, keep in mind that the domain renewal price shouldn’t be anyway high. The same, we’d say for the web hosting plan as well.

Yes, there are some such highly reliable hosting companies out there where you can buy the combo. We’d recommend Accuweb Hosting.

It’s possible to find a domain a dollar or two cheaper from some other provider, but the company is truly unbeatable for web hosting plans. If you buy both Domain & hosting from Accuweb, then you may get an unbelievable discount. You can contact there HERE to know more.

What about directly asking for a discount

What about directly asking for a discount

Obviously, you need a lot of evaluation before settling for a web hosting company, and rather than directly saying a “yes” to any specific hosting provider, you should also research a while for discount coupons.

There are several web hosting coupon providing sites like TWHDIR, WH Top, Accuweb, etc., you may not know, but you can even buy an awesome VPS hosting pan worth $50 for just $15 (happens many times in the cases of Accuweb).

Now here comes the second case!

If you are already rolling on with some web hosting, but looking forward to downgrading your plan, then you can try a smart trick!

You can contact them and ask them for a discount when it’s the time for plan renewal. Tell them that the current cost of your web hosting plan is hurting you (if it’s really hurting you), and the downgraded plan isn’t fulfilling your requirements.

Also, tell them that you’ve found some nice hosting provider (although you actually haven’t), who is more reasonable, and also fulfills the requirements, and in this case, if you’re a valuable customer, your current host won’t let you go. There is a big possibility that they agree on giving you a discount for a month or two to somehow retain you.

Is this trick called blackmailing?

Well, hahaha (keep laughing as long as you like)

But at the same time, we’d recommend you to approach them with ease, stay gentle, and ask for a discount that is not “unfair” to them. It’s gonna be a win-win scene, as you’re getting a discount, and they’re getting their services renewed and retaining you as a customer.

Special Day Offers: Best time to buy hosting

Special Day Offers

Yes, special day offers can bring a great smile to your face. You may be enjoying a crazy deal on cinema, clothes, electronics, and the pretty same way, you can get the same while buying web hosting also.

Wanna get some examples?

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are the most notable period for mind-blowing discounts, and you’ll be shocked to know that you can buy hosting for less than half the price also!

All you need is patience, a bit of research, and you can also ask the chat support of hosting providers and ask about the discount timings. Yes, it does work.

Pay for only what you need

Here, there’s some homework for you to do. You have to analyze your own website and understand the actual requirements of your website. Sometimes, you don’t even know, and you keep on paying much more than your actual requirements.

If you’re already going on with any web hosting, we’d recommend checking disc space, bandwidth, etc., and if you find that much of the resources are going in vain, you can downgrade your plan at your next renewal.

If you haven’t acquired any web hosting yet, then you need to read the specs of your selected plan keenly. Sometimes, the charge goes too high only because of one or two features.

If you are planning a small website, you don’t need much storage space, so don’t buy any web hosting plan providing huge disc space. Similarly, if you feel that it’s gonna take a few months to drive traffic to your website, don’t spend behind bandwidth.

Also, you end up paying extra for something that’s absolutely not needed. Don’t go for extra service until and unless you absolutely need it. Examples of extra services that a few hosting companies provide in return for an extra cost include SEO, SMS notification, monitoring, Sitelock, Backup, Email notification, site audit, etc.

And you know what, if your plan already has such extra services, you can decrease the plan’s price by telling your host that you don’t need such services and request them to eliminate those unwanted services.

After eliminating such services, you can highly reduce your hosting budget.

Shared Hosting will save money: Sharing is caring (self caring this time)!

Shared Hosting will save money

Suppose your requirements aren’t that high, then you shouldn’t go for dedicated or VPS hosting, as they cost pretty high. In such a case, buying shared hosting proves to be the most beneficial.

A shared web hosting is a sort of website hosting that splits all the web server resources between numerous domains. For the small size of websites, low traffic sites, and personal blogs, in general, shared hosting proves to be perfect.

There are huge advantages of having shared hosting, and the biggest one is low-cost. Won’t you love to know others?

Shared hosting is very easy to use

This is not just true but amazing for users who prefer to manage their sites without possessing any technical skills. In reality, most well-known shared web hosting services do provide a good control panel, such as cPanel, which permits you to upload and download files with convenient clicks.

Besides that, the cPanel File Manager tools accompany options to copy, delete, move, rename, and even change the permissions of folders and files of your website or blog.

No Bandwidth limitations

The web hosting providers will offer unlimited Bandwidth (most of the time) for your website per month. So, no problems will be there if you use 1 GB of Bandwidth or even more; however, as there’s a real server with restricted Bandwidth, you aren’t supposed to overload the server because the host may suspend your account.

In other cases, in case you use much Bandwidth that infects the other domains, your hosting provider may send you a warning through an email asking to upgrade your plan for a suitable bandwidth limit. Now, that’s the case of just 1% or less of the total domains hosted on shared accounts.

Multiple domain hosting

For those looking to host multiple domains, shared hosting is the right way to go. Most web hosts allow hosting numerous websites on the same account.

But, that does come with limitations; some permit 2, 3, or 5 domains per account, while others have nothing to restrict unless you have huge surges of traffic visiting your sites. So, for students, developers, and individuals needing to host a few sites, the shared hosting will prove to be perfect.

Easy email hosting and setup

Having numerous emails with your domain name is an advantage, as an email with your domain name isn’t an option; rather, it’s a sort of branding weapon. Even better, when you are provided with a cPanel on a low-cost web hosting plan, you can conveniently add email, allocate quota, remove emails, and even forward emails to Gmail.

Hunt Down Coupon Codes

So, why hunt down coupon codes, and how can they decrease your web hosting budget?

Well, these are a fruitful combination of letters and numbers that can bring you a promotion box while buying online. You enjoy a discount on the entire purchase amount. So, how can you be the lucky web hosting client and cut the hosting costs?

A few webs hosting companies out there do provide coupon codes and have promotions, and you should no way stay behind in reaping such sweet discounts.

However, you have to hunt down promotion links for reaping such advantages!

Buy a Hosting Plan for an Extended Time Period

So, what’s the core reason behind buying yearly packages of web hosting. You should know that the renewal of a web hosting plan may be pretty expensive. Most of the time, you don’t enjoy any discounts on such occasions.

Also, in a few cases, you get a good enough discount for the very first month, but from the second month, the pricing highly hurts.

You may not believe it, but buying a hosting plan for an extended time period lowers the cost to an unbelievable level. For example, if there’s a plan available at $10, you may contact your host and ask them what they’ve got to offer in case you pay the invoice for one year. There are chances that you get the same hosting plan for $60-70 for the whole year!

Join a Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Hosting Affiliate Program

What if we say that there’s a way through which you don’t just get great discounts but also open the gates of income?

Yes, that’s possible!

There are several web hosts which provide tremendous affiliate programs. Some good examples include Hostgator, Bluehost, and Accuweb.

Accuweb’s hosting program is the king of all, and you get unbelievable commissions! It’s true that you can make $500 while other hosting affiliate programs may let you make around $150-200 with the same efforts.

Besides the earning factor, you can also get great discounts on your hosting plans if you join their affiliate programs, but for that, you’ll have to show them how you’re going to bring them sales (for example, via social media, website, or any other means).

Now, here’s the second case:

We’ll take Accuweb’s affiliate program’s example here. 1 to 10 new signup / Month for shared hosting gives you $25 per signup, which means if you’re a group of 10 college guys, you can make a profit of $250 straightaway.

The scene doesn’t stop there!

11 to 20 new signups / Month for shared hosting gives you $40 per signup, which means if you somehow manage the 11th guy to buy this hosting, your earning will be 11 signups x 40$= $440!

Just imagine in case you’ve settled on a VPS hosting plan from Accuweb at $8, then you’ll have to actually pay nothing for years, as you’ve got $440 via the affiliate program itself.

Testimonials and Reviews

Now, before buying any hosting web service, a smart person either looks for the expert’s reviews, or customer reviews, as you get to know the truth there.

A positive testimonial or review is no less than a blessing for any hosting provider, as, on the basis of that, they can sell service to more people. There are many hosts who get you discounts in case you submit your positive review or testimonial.

If the host which you’ve decided to go with doesn’t provide such discounts openly, you can directly ask them whether they’ll be giving you discounts for that or not. 

If not discount, then you may at least get some additional services in your plan!

Undoubtedly, you need to keep your expectations down to the floor while rolling on with free hosting, and besides that, stay ready for whatever is asked in favor of that free hosting.

Free hosting isn’t a safe option; we know that, but if you’re a fresher looking just to try hands in blogging, free hosting is perfect. Some free hosting plans do include amazing features and even customer support.

So, what are you asked in return for free hosting?

Well, not much actually, in case you’re acquiring free web hosting from a reputed website, then you don’t need to worry much you may be asked for writing reviews or give testimonials about the hosting provider, in return for a free plan.

If you’re a student or a non-profit organization, then you can find several hosts providing you with free hosting plans with amazing features.

Tips to Reduce Your Budget: Shall We Wrap Up?

You may come across so-called “tech-geeks” advising you to reduce your web hosting service costs this way and that way, but we’ve put forth only the sober and legit ideas which 200% work in real life.

We’d say 9 out of 10 buyers don’t consider trying a bit to reduce this cost, but the reality is that they miss huge chances. You don’t have to break your hand and leg to get a discount, and we’re sure that if you try well, at least something is going to certainly work out for you.

We won’t conclude before recommending a host that’s most generous not just with their discount schemes but also their normal pricing. It’s none other than Accuweb Hosting. You can contact our support, tell them which web hosting plan you’re interested in, and we’ll recommend ways of earning a discount from their side!

So, buy smart, and plan smart!

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Accuweb’s Shared Web Hosting service launched in Germany! | Windows VPS Hosting Blog

Accuweb's Shared Web Hosting service launched in Germany!

With par success and support of over a hundred thousand customers, Accuweb has announced the availability of the Germany Hosting location for shared hosting services.

Since Accuweb’s shared hosting is cheap and pretty easy to maintain, it’s the perfect choice for supporting new and smaller sites.

It’s going to bring great benefits to the residents of Germany, not just in terms of speed or flexibility, but actually much more!

So, what’s the biggest deal about it?

Well, the performance is going to be on top, as this location is fully optimized for bringing you experience like never before. We’ve invested huge time and efforts for taking the experience of your website visitors to the max.

No matter it’s shared hosting, WordPress hosting, or cloud hosting, you’ll reap great benefits at ‘hard to believe” costs!

WordPress hosting (Germany)

Let’s talk about Accuweb’s WordPress hosting service in Germany. If you’ve got a small/new website, we highly recommend you to save money without compromising on features.

Here’s the pricing chart for you, and we’re sure, or pricing and features will open your eyes.

WordPress Personal WordPress Business WordPress Enterprise
Starting from
Starting from
Starting from
10 GB SSD storage 30 GB SSD storage 50 GB SSD storage
Ideal for 30,000 monthly visitors Ideal for 75,000 monthly visitors Ideal for 200,000 monthly visitors
Unlimited WordPress Websites Unlimited WordPress Websites Unlimited WordPress Websites
Shared SSL Certificate Shared SSL Certificate Shared SSL Certificate
500 GB Monthly Bandwidth 750 GB Monthly Bandwidth 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth
Free Domain Name Registration Free Domain Name Registration Free Domain Name Registration
All the WordPress plugins supported Pre-installed SEO Plugin Pre-installed SEO Plugin
Pre-installed Hyper Caching Plugin Pre-installed Hyper Caching Plugin Pre-installed Hyper Caching Plugin
Free WordPress Migration Free WordPress Migration Free WordPress Migration
30 Days Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


SSD Hosting (Germany)

WordPress hosting plans mentioned up there4 are all awesome, but if your requirements are forcing you to choose something else, then no worries, as we’ve got superb SSD hosting plans for you!

Personal Web Hosting Small Business Web Hosting Enterprise Web Hosting
Starting @$3.09/month Starting @$5.09/month Starting @$9.99/month
10 GB Pure SSD Storage – Raid10 Setup 30 GB Pure SSD Storage – Raid10 Setup 50 GB Pure SSD Storage – Raid10 Setup
150 Email Accounts 500 Email Accounts 1000 Email Accounts
Unlimited Domains (Sites) In 1 Account Unlimited Domains (Sites) In 1 Account Unlimited Domains (Sites) In 1 Account
Shared SSL Certificate Shared SSL Certificate Shared SSL Certificate
500 GB Monthly Bandwidth 750 GB Monthly Bandwidth 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth
Free Domain Name Registration Free Domain Name Registration Free Domain Name Registration
Unlimited mySQL Databases Unlimited mySQL Databases Unlimited mySQL Databases
Free Website Builder – 400+ templates Free Website Builder – 400+ templates Free Website Builder – 400+ templates
Free Website Migration Free Website Migration Free Website Migration
30 Days Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Cloud Hosting (Germany)

Cloud hosting has its own set of benefits, and it’s considered safer hosting in comparison to SSD and WordPress hostings. However, whatever plan you buy from Accuweb is safe, but if you’re not fully satisfied with SSD and WordPress hostings, then you can tap our cloud option.

Just roll your gaze over resources and pricing!

Personal WebSite Small Business Website Enterprise Website
Starting @$4.79/month Starting @$12.99/month Starting @$18.99/month
Host Unlimited Websites Host Unlimited Websites Host Unlimited Websites
500 GB Monthly Bandwidth 750 GB Monthly Bandwidth 1 TB Monthly Bandwidth
Fixed Cost Public Clouds Fixed Cost Public Clouds Fixed Cost Public Clouds
Unlimited mySQL Databases Unlimited mySQL Databases Unlimited mySQL Databases
10 GBCloud Storage 30 GBCloud Storage 50 GBCloud Storage
Free Website Migration Free Website Migration Free Website Migration
150 Email Accounts 500 Email Accounts 1000 Email Accounts
Free Website Builder – 400+ templates Free Website Builder – 400+ templates Free Website Builder – 400+ templates
1 Click Script Install like WordPress, Joomla, Magento Support 1 Click Script Install like WordPress, Joomla, Magento Support 1 Click Script Install like WordPress, Joomla, Magento Support
Shared SSL Certificate Shared SSL Certificate Shared SSL Certificate
30 Days Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


How Accuweb’s shared hosting service with rock German websites?

So, in what all ways are you getting beneficial, and what potential thrust can it give to your website, and ultimately, your business?

Uptime promise

99% uptime sounds so sweet, but just try to concert that 1% downtime into actual time! Oh no, it’s around 3.5 days of downtime per year!

Shocked? Bewildered?

99.95% uptime is the industry standard today, and in this department, you can fully trust Accuweb’s WordPress hosting service. Now, when the location is Germany itself, you can rely on uptime promise while buying Accuweb’s hosting.

More uptime = higher trust of customers; that’s the simple formula!

Convenient upgrading of your server

With growing web traffic, the need for resources also increases, and to meet that, plan scalability shouldn’t be just convenient and easy but also fast and reasonably priced.

As we highly focus on convenient upgrading of your web hosting plans, you don’t have to worry about moving to another host and taking the risk of website migration.

Our VPS or dedicated server plans offers greater server resources and low-price convenience once your website’s requirements go over what the shared hosting plan offer.

Amazing customer support

We have a world-class customer support staff, which is always dedicated to bring you rapid relief if you’re stuck in any hosting-related issue, or are looking for any sort of assistance. We respond to you instantly, and that’s why we’ve earned much appreciation from our loved clients.

Refund policy

Accuweb is among the most confident web hosting companies across the globe, and that’s why we have a transparent refund policy for our shared hosting (all 3 types mentioned above).

Once you buy any plan, you can ask for a refund within 30 days, and honestly, very few chances occur where our client asks for a refund. Our satisfaction rate is one of the highest among the leading hosting service providers n the world.

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How Much Does VPS Hosting Cost?

When you first signed up for a web hosting plan, you probably started off with an affordable, shared hosting plan. In other words, you rented a space on a huge server and you share that space with several other small to medium-size website owners.

While shared hosting is sufficient for many website owners, it’s possible your website, or development goals, will outgrow a shared hosting plan and you need to scale your server size. 

If this is the case, congratulations. It means you’re getting more traffic, you want to start a gaming server, or perhaps you need a virtual dev environment for testing.

Whatever the reason, it indicates growth and that’s awesome.

While upgrading to a VPS hosting plan comes with more control, extra flexibility, and additional security, it’s also true that it can come with extra costs. This begs the question, “How much does VPS hosting cost?”

The short answer is, it depends, but it can run you anywhere from $19.95 per month to $39.95 per month to start. To answer in more depth, this article will review:

  • What VPS hosting is and whether or not it’s right for you
  • How much different VPS hosting plans cost
  • The add-on features that are worth considering

What is VPS hosting and is it right for you?

When it comes to web hosting, you want to make sure you pick the web hosting plan that fits your needs and goals. Otherwise, you’ll either end up over-paying for features you don’t need, or may not have the functionality or space to support a growing site.

First, and as a quick review, VPS stands for virtual private server. A virtual private server runs several partitioned virtual machines on a bigger server, but each is fully private and acts like a smaller dedicated server.

In other words, with a VPS you get the enhanced control, root access, and added security of a dedicated server. However, you don’t have to pay the full price of a dedicated server for space that you might not even come close to needing.

If you know you’ve outgrown shared hosting, here are some scenarios to help you decide if a VPS plan is right for you:

  • You are seeing traffic surges. If your website started out with little traffic, but is suddenly getting more simultaneous visits, a VPS is a great idea.
  • You want to build a gaming server. If you want to host an online game for yourself and other gamers, a VPS is an affordable option. You won’t have to pay dedicated hosting prices, and you’ll have enough RAM to support a high-quality gaming experience.
  • You know your website will grow quickly. If you know your website is about to get a lot of new traffic, and you don’t want to risk downtime, upgrade to a VPS.
  • You want to install your own software. Shared hosting is somewhat limited when it comes to allowed software. If you want to install your own software, modules, or apps, then VPS is the right hosting plan.
  • You want a virtual dev environment for testing. If you want to test your own development, then VPS hosting is perfect.

If any of the above scenarios apply to you, then you’re in the right place.

How much does VPS hosting cost?

Now that you know you need a VPS hosting plan, let’s talk about how much it will cost. At HostGator, there are three different VPS hosting plans. The reason? Every website owner has different needs, and we work to accommodate your needs.

The main difference in HostGator’s three plans is how much CPU, RAM, and disc space you may need. 

If you’re not sure, you can always contact one of our customer support members, and we can help you find the perfect plan. Here is a look into the three different VPS plans and their starting prices.

1. Snappy 2000 VPS Hosting Plan

The Snappy 2000 plan comes with 2GB of RAM, 2 cores CPU, 120 GB of disc space, unmetered bandwidth, and 2 dedicated IPs.

If you need more storage than a shared web hosting plan offers or want root access, the Snappy 2000 plan is perfect for you.

Price: Starts at $19.95 per month

2. Snappy 4000 VPS Hosting Plan

The Snappy 4000 plan comes with 4 GB of RAM, 2 cores CPU, 165 GB of disc space, unmetered bandwidth, and 2 dedicated IPs. 

This is the plan we recommend most, especially for people who want to try out a VPS hosting plan. It gives you enough storage to build a robust website, but leaves room for you to scale.

Price: Starts at $29.95 per month

3. Snappy 8000 VPS Hosting Plan

The Snappy 8000 plan comes with 8 GB of RAM, 4 cores CPU, 240 GB of disc space, unmetered bandwidth, and 2 dedicated IPs. 

If you plan on starting a gaming server, then you’ll need to start with the Snappy 8000 hosting plan. This is also the perfect VPS plan for someone who wants to host multiple websites. Finally, if you’re seeing huge surges in traffic and plan to accept payments, then Snappy 8000 is for you.

Price: Starts at $39.95 per month

What features do I need with my VPS plan?

While the Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000, or Snappy 8000 are comprehensive plans, there are some features and add-on services we recommend every website consider. 

Let’s take a closer look at the top four things you should make sure you have with your VPS plan.

1. Domain

The good news about HostGato is you get a free domain name with every HostGator web hosting plan. When you have a VPS plan, you also have the ability to host unlimited domains. These domains can be your additional website domains or domains for clients or friends. 

If you plan to host multiple domains, start with the Snappy 8000 plan.

2. Domain privacy

When you sign up for your hosting account and register your domain, you enter personal details into the WHOIS database.

Domain privacy protection is an add-on service that protects your personal data. It’s $14.95 per year for this service and we recommend it to everyone.

3. SSL certificate

Another benefit of HostGator web hosting is you get a free SSL certificate. SSL stands for secure sockets layer and it’s a security technology that encrypts communication between web browsers and servicers. 

HostGator offers this for free to help protect your website’s sensitive information, including customer data, credit card numbers, and more.

4. CodeGuard

CodeGuard starts at $2.00 per month and absolutely worth the small added expense. CodeGuard includes daily automatic backups to help protect your site from viruses, hackers, and unintended coding problems.

Here is what you get with CodeGuard:

  • 1GB Of Storage
  • Up To 5 Websites
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Files
  • 3 Restores Per Month

It also includes daily monitoring and full protection to keep your data safe.

Get affordable VPS hosting with HostGator today!

If you’re ready to take your website to the next level, upgrading to a VPS hosting plan is a wise decision. 

The VPS hosting plans at HostGator start at anywhere from $19.95 per month to $39.95 per month and offer additional control, flexibility, more storage, and easy scaling. Check out our VPS hosting plans today!

Ashley R. Cummings is a professional freelance writer specializing in SaaS, tech, and advertising/marketing. In a previous life, she was a Russian teacher at Brigham Young University, a corporate trainer, and a grad student—all at the same time. When she’s not writing, you can find her traveling the world with her 2 kids and husband, reading poetry or taking a deep dive into the fabulous world of comedy. Connect with her on Twitter at @ashleyrcummings.

OpenStack VPS & Cloud powers in potent fusion!

We like to think of every day as a chance to help businesses of any size excel through our software, and the best way to make that happen is by updating our products to always provide maximum functional capabilities and comfort in use all at once. When such an opportunity has emerged for one of our best-selling modules, we didn’t think twice and have squeezed that lemon dry! ;)

We are tremendously proud to announce that our flagship OpenStack VPS For WHMCS has been rebranded to OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS to closely reflect the originality of its brand-new 2.0 version. This milestone upgrade is fueled by a smart new framework with ultimately pleasurable, aesthetic design and well-constructed code at the foundations. As a result, you are now being offered a more sophisticated product full of new features, with way broader scope for future development, as well as streamlined technical support ensured.

As a major bonus, OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS has received full-scale integration with several more OpenStack-based virtual server providers, such as:

  • Bluvalt
  • City Cloud
  • CT Cloud Platform
  • DS Public
  • ELASTX OpenStack
  • INAP Bare Metal
  • INAP Cloud
  • Limestone Networks
  • Linaro Developer Cloud
  • Open Telekom Cloud
  • OVH Public Cloud
  • Rackspace Public Cloud
  • ScaleUp Cloud
  • STC Cloud
  • UOS Cloud
  • VEXXHOST Public Cloud
  • vScaler Public Cloud
  • warescale Public Cloud

No doubt your eagle eye has spotted a familiar provider on the list above, which invites a rather natural question…

What’s in store for OVH Public Cloud For WHMCS?

Driven by the wish to devote due attention to the growing potential of OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS, and avoid getting sidetracked by the must to maintain multiple less feature-filled products simultaneously, we have decided to discontinue OVH Public Cloud For WHMCS as from December 22nd, 2020.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the news? There is no need to worry – not only will you lose none of the currently used features, but will gain a whole set of new tools all at once, such as for backup and firewall management. Also, the configuration as well as the module’s behavior is nearly the same as of OVH Public Cloud For WHMCS you are used to. And since our prime concern is to make this transition as smooth as possible by taking any uncertainty out of the process, we will continue with full support for OVH Public Cloud For WHMCS for as long as until June 2021. See? You have plenty of time to proceed with the free conversion of the modules in your environment. Then again, the sooner you will complete the upgrade, the sooner you will get to use every new functionality powered by OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS. No losers, only winners here!

And in case you look for an extra push to switch into a better quality software right away, keep in mind OpenStack VPS & Cloud For WHMCS is comprehensively integrated with our Advanced Billing For WHMCS module which boasts the most extensive choice of billing variants from among all WHMCS products offered on the market.

We trust that all fundamental questions have already been answered via official notifications we sent back in September to all current users of OVH Public Cloud For WHMCS along with some exclusive offers, but our support teams stand at your continued disposal for any further clarification. If any doubts come to your mind, be sure to share them with us.

Embrace the OpenStack revolution!

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OpenStack VPS & Cloud powers in potent fusion!, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

About Joanna Byjoś

Sales & Marketing Team Leader

Best affiliate programs to make quick money post-lockdown | Windows VPS Hosting Blog


Best affiliate programs to make quick money post-lockdown: Affiliate marketing is the golden way to generate income from websites that believe in selling advertising space or else look for an additional revenue stream to a thriving business. What if we say that amazon generates billions of dollars from its affiliate program?

The concept of affiliate marketing is pretty simple: you sign up for any program for a given product or service, and after getting accepted for it, you can start using the current marketing materials and links with a unique URL. In case someone signs up for that service/product using that URL, a direct commission lands your pocket.

As a method of making money online, it certainly sounds very easy, but there are several potential complications with affiliate marketing. Just to begin, the affiliate tracking needs to be accurate and precise so that you get a reward for the sales you actually generated.

Besides that, you need services/products of actual interest to consumers. While several big brands are highly involved in affiliate marketing, various restrictions are imposed that may make them less bright and attractive in comparison to alternatives.

For instance, the time between a certain customer tapping a link and actually purchasing can be a given number of days, so affiliate tracking takes that into account will potentially be more supportive to the affiliate marketer in contrast to ones that reward just for the instant sales, and hence ignore the possibility of browsing.

You should put your energy behind affiliating for the right website, and we’re going to put forth the sweetest recommendations for you, where you can potentially fill your pockets!

Best affiliate programs to make quick money post-lockdown

We’d recommend you to make a dedicated website for affiliating, and that costs you pretty less. You can cherish some cheap yet superbly reliable hosting plans HERE, and once the website is complete, you can start promoting whatever suits you and begin filling your pockets.

Best affiliate programs

There are several web hostings that provide amazing affiliate programs, but Accuweb really shocks with what it provides. That’s the reason it’s topping the list of Best affiliate programs to make quick money post-lockdown. Accuweb very generous and sharing a huge part of earning with the affiliates.

accubwe affiliate plans

Understanding the commission structure isn’t tough at all. 1 to 5 new signup / Month means you’ll earn $25 USD / Signup, while for 6 to 10 new signup / Month, you gross $40 USD / Signup.

This keeps on increasing, and you’ll be entirely amazed to know what you earn as a dedicated server signup commission! Guys, for 1 to 5 new signup / Month, you enjoy $100 USD / Signup, which moves up to $200 USD / Signup if you generate 16+ sales! Isn’t that insane?

If you’re serious about affiliate, then you can make much more money than your previous job, and you just need to be sincere at marketing. Not just that, Accuweb itself provides you several tips frequently, along with Ready-to-use attractive banners, text ads, email links, to attract visitor referrals, with which you can attract customers and solidify your marketing.

Undoubtedly, Accuweb’s affiliate program isn’t as popular as Amazon, ShareASale, etc. but in comparison to all those affiliate programs, there’s a hundred times more juice here! You can signup for the Accuweb’s Affiliate program like a breeze and start marketing straight away. 

Also, there’s an earning calculator provided, through which you can easily calculate your potential earnings. You’re enjoying an unlimited earning potential here, and their advanced, customized technology guarantees you always enjoy the credit for every referral with an extra-long 90 days of cookie life.

The Affiliate Control Panel is very easy to use, and you can segment the referred traffic. If you have got strong social media profiles, then you can make insane money, as sharing Accuweb’s affiliate campaigns on social media channels is very easy.

Required knowledge about Accuweb Hosting affiliate

  • Niche/product types: Website hosting (Several types included)
  • Cookies period: 90 days (that’s pretty rare to have such long cookie period)
  • Average commission rate: The chart mentioned up there indicates everything.
  • Minimum payout: $200

Accuweb Hosting affiliate pros and cons:


  • Extra-long 90 days of cookie life.
  • Referred traffic segmentation and strong tracking system.
  • Easy to use affiliate control panel.
  • Anti-fraud protection to minimize chargebacks.
  • Easy sharing on social media channels.
  • Ready-to-use attractive marketing material provided.
  • Amazing support team.
  • Selling becomes easy, as their services are already dominating the competitors.


  • A few might bother the minimum payout of $200.

Best affiliate programs

ShareASale is among the most famous affiliate networks out there.

Whereas Amazon Associates is concentrated completely on Amazon products, ShareASale houses 4,500+ affiliate programs for merchants, both large & small. From one place, the dashboard of ShareASale, signing up is possible for all these merchants, view your statistics, and generate links.

However, you must individually apply to merchants for doing that and be permitted by each merchant, which is a very standard way for an affiliate network like this. In short, ShareASale is a fantastic option for both physical & digital products.

For instance, on the digital side, you’ll locate plenty of hosting providers, WordPress theme & plugin shops, etc. However, on the physical side, you’ll locate plenty of large and small merchants. In other words, there’s Sun Basket, NFL Shop, Wayfair, Reebok, and thousands of other large & small businesses.

Normally, no matter what niche your site/blog is based on, you might find some offers that will be worth promoting.

What you must know about ShareASale

  • Niche/product types: A small bit of everything, incorporating both physical and digital products.
  • Average commission rate: Depends on the given merchant you sign up with and the category of products you’re working with.
  • Cookie duration: Depends on the given merchant you sign up with.
  • Minimum payout: $50

ShareASale affiliate pros and cons


  • Thousands of merchants for digital products & physical both, incorporating lots of famous merchants
  • They’ve been around for numerous years and work with numerous big brands, that means they’re trustworthy
  • Several exclusive merchants, more than 1,000 of the merchants at ShareASale just work with ShareASale
  • It’s having a bookmarklet that creates the generating process easy for custom affiliate links


  • The design of the dashboard is kinda little clunky. However, it’s gotten a lot better

Best affiliate programs

In case promoting physical products is what you want on your website, Amazon Associates is undoubtedly a great option.

You can make a multi-niche website, write dedicated articles on the top products, and drive targeted traffic to your website.

It’s a very engaging work, which, of course, needs dedication, time, and efforts. However, once you’ve got a nice set of articles, and after they start ranking, you can set a passive income for yourself, which will last long. If you take Amazon Affiliate seriously, it can be a wonderful full-time work for you.

With Amazon Associates, you can enjoy a commission on almost anything sold at Amazon.com (just a few exceptions are there). You enjoy a commission on everything new that anyone you refer purchases, no matter it’s not the exact product you linked to. That makes this program even more valuable and sweet.

For instance, if you link to an $18 handbag, but that person ends up purchasing a $500 refrigerator, you’ll still enjoy a commission! (as long as the item is within the cookie duration. Besides that, the product shouldn’t already be in that buyer’s cart).

In the past, Amazon paid you a commission rate as per the revenue/sales you drove. That system wasn’t that amazing. So, in 2017, Amazon has ensured a flat-rate commission structure. This means you’re paid a flat percentage as per the category that each product falls in. The commission percentage on various categories are as follows:

While a few high-volume affiliates opposed the change, this flip makes Amazon Associates even much attractive for smaller sites because now, there’s no worry about hitting a given amount of sales volume to enjoy a higher commission.

Required knowledge about Amazon Associates

  • Niche/product types: Anything that’s sold on Amazon’s site.
  • Average commission rate: falls between 1% to 10% as per the category.
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours is the cookie period. However, in case someone directly add your recommended product to his cart, there’s a 90-day cookie but just for some product that’s in his carts.
  • Minimum payout: $10 for direct deposit or Amazon gift card.

Amazon Associates pros and cons


  • Very low payout threshold – just $10
  • Universal cookie, permitting you to get credit for everything a person buys within the cookie duration
  • Massive selection of products
  • Amazon is the biggest name in the eCommerce world.


  • The universal cookie lasts for nothing over 24 hours
  • Amazon keeps on slashing commissions every so often
  • Some categories, such as video games, have extremely low commissions (1%)
  • Registering for each country individually is needed

Best affiliate programs

CJ – earlier known by the lengthier name – Commission Junction – is a great affiliate network bringing together thousands of merchants under a single roof, pretty much like ShareASale.

Besides ShareASale, CJ is among the biggest affiliate networks available, which means that you can connect with thousands of both small and big merchants. The exact number is 2,696 different merchants Currently.

A few of the big digital and physical companies using CJ are as follows:

  • IHG (Hotels)
  • Overstock
  • Lowes
  • Priceline
  • Office Depot
  • GoPro
  • Grammarly

You’ll find several smaller merchants besides those mentioned above. Like ShareASale, you can apply to these merchants individually from the CJ dashboard. After that, you can generate links and view statistics. CJ’s affiliate dashboard has a somewhat higher learning curve in contrast to ShareASale, but it won’t frustrate you.

Required knowledge about CJ

  • Niche/product types:  CJ covers a cool range of niches and both digital and physical products, pretty much like ShareASale.
  • Average commission rate: Depends on the given merchant with whom you sign up.
  • Cookie duration: Depends on the given merchant with whom you sign up.
  • Minimum payout: $100 for check and $50 for direct deposit.

CJ pros and cons


  • It has a deep link generator bookmarklet making it exceptionally easy to generate links.
  • A wonderful back-end dashboard is helping you to manage your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • A great range of small and big merchants to select from.


  • The dashboard carries some complications when you enter the first time, but you’ll love it overall.

Best affiliate programs

Awin, a short rebrand of the real Affiliate Window, is another famous affiliate network that provides you access to more than 13,000 different merchants.

This affiliate platform basically acquired the platform ShareASale in 2017; however, both are still working as separate entities and have distinctive merchants.

With 13,000+ merchants, you’ll locate numerous alternatives for both physical & digital products at Awin.

Following are some of the notable big names:

  • Etsy
  • XE (money transfer)
  • AliExpress
  • HP
  • StubHub
  • Gymshark
  • Under Armour

You’ll also locate lots of littler merchants around a range of niches. Awin was founded in Germany (Europe). Therefore you’ll find a higher European tilt to the list of the merchant, though there are also the many US and global organizations.

For example, ShareASale and CJ individually will be required to merchants within the network. After that, you can generate the links and begin tracking statistics.

What you must know about Awin

  • Niche/product types: With more than 13,000 merchants, you’ll locate both digital & physical products for almost every single available niche.
  • Minimum payout: 20 dollars
  • Average commission rate: It actually depends on the certain merchant you sign up with.
  • Cookie duration: It, too, depends on the certain merchant you sign up with.

Awin pros and cons


  • Numerous merchants to select from
  • Dedicated WordPress plugin to assist you in importing products
  • Low payout minimum (just $20)


  • The fee is $5 sign up (however, it’ll be refunded in case you’re approved, but you might lose it if you’re not approved).

ClickBank Affiliate

There is numerous helpful tools available for affiliate associates. Among those tools, one is ClickBank. You can open ClickBank and indicate the product information without even creating an account in it. It’s an affiliate program that is functional and helps you doing better in affiliate marketing. ClickBank is more than useful than just a tool for research.

ClickBank quickly developed into the top retailing websites in the industry. This affiliate platform was first introduced in 1998. After its opening, it earned an annual sales for around $3 billion. With its variety of products as well as merchants, ClickBank is an ideal ground for affiliate beginners.

To become a ClickBank’s affiliate and gain revenue, firstly, you must create an account. Supply them with your personal credentials & payment information. After that, supplementing the essential information, you’re all set! ClickBank will also need you to answer some surveys. They will, later on, use these survey results to offer affiliates a better experience.

After signing up as a ClickBank affiliate beginner, there are quick guides accessible for you. You’ll have a wide database resource. This will assist in learning more regarding ClickBank. To locate the products that you want to promote, visit the marketplace. Hence, searching for the products will be easy that you like to promote.

You are provided the average commission per sale. A product niche’s breakdown and different merchant links of their websites to promote the products you want. After coming into the product that you want to promote, just tap the “Promote” button on the page; after that, just copy-paste the given URL.

Add this link to the promotions, and you’re all set. When a user will click via and purchases the product, a commission will be issued to you. ClickBank provides a higher commission amount in comparison to other affiliate programs. Now, look through its Pros & Cons.

ClickBank Affiliate’s Pros 7 cons:


  • Numerous products to select from
  • Easy link generation
  • Greater commissions
  • Free resources available for you to study
  • Promotes recurring commissions


  • With spammy products
  • Many competitors

eBay Affiliate

eBay interpretation takes place via the eBay Partner Network. With the help of the tools they provide to affiliates, you can easily promote their products. They can help you concerning what product you look forward to promoting. On eBay, you’ll work directly with eBay’s product. A strong bond will be created between eBay and you.

You can virtually see Commission growth on eBay. It’s pretty much similar to what Amazon does. Besides that, eBay doesn’t work exclusively for them. Hence, you can be an eBay affiliate and transact business with several programs and merchants and to make extra income.

Five minutes are enough to apply as an affiliate on eBay, and the process is simple. It’s among the easiest affiliate application processes in true words. After signing in to eBay, you’ll need to fill the form, providing the corresponding information. Further, you’ll have to search for products, and promote the product, and generating an affiliate link for each product.

Here’s the listing of Pros and Cons of eBay affiliation:

eBay affiliate pros and cons:


  • Great commissions range from 40% – 80%
  • Limitless choice of products to promote
  • Easy generation of links
  • Paypal works on the first payment


  • A bit confusing
  • Auctions last longer than affiliate cookies
  • Some consumers prefer to buy new products

eBay is among the most trusted eCommerce sites existing, and it’s a perfect ground for beginners to step into the affiliate marketing world. It has a friendly tool, such as a link generation.

With flexible links, generating revenue by driving is much comfy for any type of content. A high-rewarding and low-risks affiliate marketing platform is waiting for you!

Rakuten Affiliate

Businesses penetrating to reach new audiences and encouraging repeat purchases have a strong tool in the Rakuten Affiliate Marketing. Rakuten Marketing Affiliate is a highly known global affiliate network that permits marketers to get into a consumer’s customer journey and permits advertisers and publishers to forge connections with each other.

No matter you’re a publisher or an advertiser, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate’s complete and strong all-around strategy is great for you. It assures businesses that the publishers and influencers are partnering with are the ultimate best. This strategy constantly goes under fine-tuning, so both sorts of users can reap full advantage of Rakuten Marketing Affiliate’s max potential.

Businesses can be secured that the links they make via Rakuten Marketing Affiliate are of great quality and can highly support their brand.

The core advantage of Rakuten Marketing Affiliate includes its exceptionally stable functionalities and amazing customer support. Let’s cherish the further benefits that businesses reap from Rakuten Marketing Affiliate:

You can use the Rakuten Marketing Affiliate at any stage of the customer journey of a consumer. Businesses can use it to raise their product’s awareness or encourage and engage customers to make repetitive purchases.

With its list of popular influencers, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate proves to be a great help not just in introducing a brand or product to new audiences but also in promoting loyalty to it. Also, it’s a cool way for advertisers to generate and cultivate valuable connections besides expanding their reach.

Publisher applications are vigorously and rigorously checked to ensure the perfect maintenance of current quality standards. It also monitors accepted affiliates constantly to ensure that the rules of the network are perfectly followed and permits only the top-notch content is created.

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate users have tools that make marketing less laborious to implement, optimize, and measure. Users can access a data feed that they can further in numerous ways. Advertisers can come up with feeds to aid themselves with their deliverables, while publishers can use it for product comparisons.

Advertisers using Rakuten Marketing Affiliate can expect a committed manager to take care of their concerns. Besides that, Rakuten Marketing Affiliate’s account management empowers them to make intelligent marketing moves that support their businesses’ growth.

Rakuten affiliate’s pros and cons:


  • Numerous merchants
  • Completely free to use
  • Has amazing resources
  • Fair use


  • Selective and often rejects small affiliates
  • Payments don’t work on Paypal
  • Unfixed payout schedule

Rakuten Affiliate

JVZoo is the baby in the market with six years of experience. It takes a SaaS greet to affiliate marketing.

Product creators are free to list their products in their marketplace without paying anything, and JVZoo enjoys a standard 5% commission on whatever sells – and actually nothing before that. You, as a Marketing affiliate, enjoy instant payments to your PayPal account as soon as the product sells, with no payout threshold needed.

Besides that, there are chances to generate revenue as affiliates can get a sales’ cut of whatever affiliates that they have recruited, which is known as ‘Second Tier Commission.’ Finally, in case the referred buyer purchases another product (that wasn’t referred specifically), the affiliate enjoys the commission- permanently.

The downside is that payments are made via the PayPal platform only, with no option available supporting direct bank transfers. Besides that, looking at the major selling products, they’re all digital downloads. Being of lower quality it could potentially lower the website’s quality. Additionally, the affiliate marketing commissions are taken back in case a buyer requests a refund.

JVZoo affiliation pros and cons


  • Offer bonuses for bigger sales and conversions.
  • Affiliate campaign statistics, including visitors, sales, clicks, and conversions.
  • 100% commissions on several front-end products.
  • One affiliate link tracks every single sale within a funnel.
  • Sales statistics, including Overall sales, Funnel sales, Conversion rate, EPC, and refunds.
  • Promote webinars with your personally customized intro.


  • You have to complete the application submission process to the vendor to attain permission for promoting their products, and they’ve got full rights to refuse you without explaining a reason to you.
  • Some of their high-quality products also offer upsells because of which buyers may feel dodged because, regarding those upsells, they have not mentioned anything clearly before buying the products. Hence, once again, you have to research deeply on the product that’s listed in JVZoo before you buy it or promote it.
  • You can find several junk products within JVZoo, which means before you buy products there, or promote them to generate commission, research deeply on them.


Coursera provides access to online education via partnerships with the world’s most popular organizations and universities, including Penn, Intel, Stanford, Yale, and Google.

This awesome platform has online courses, degrees in various subjects, specializations, and you can study business, social sciences, personal development, computer and data science, and furthermore. Classes are available in numerous languages, and subtitles are available as well.

Classes provide homework exercises, projects, discussion forums, and video lectures. Paid courses include shareable completion certificates. Four to six weeks, on average, is the duration of classes. Coursera has an affiliate program, and truly anyone can join. Rakuten LinkShare affiliate network is where it’s hosted.

Let’s review the advantages, drawbacks, cookie duration, commission rate, and deeper program details. Their affiliate landing page is superb. An affiliate landing page is informative, and Coursera gets full marks for convenience. The cookie duration is the only detail that’s missing there.

Coursera pays a huge commission rate of up to 45%. The baseline commission is 20%, which is certainly much better than several other education affiliate programs. For instance, Udemy pays 15%, while edX pays 12% only. Concerning sales attribution, the credit will be provided to the publisher with the last click before the purchase.

This program comprises a 30-day cookie. In the affiliate marketing industry, 30-day cookies are considered standard. However, 60+ days would be more advantageous, but let’s not be greedy.

The payout threshold is pretty low. Affiliate networks generally have $50 as the minimum commission threshold. Once you meet that amount limit, you’ll get your commissions in the upcoming payment cycle.

Coursera affiliation pros and cons:


  • Low payout threshold: $50
  • Cost per action (CPA): Cost per sale
  • Commission type: Single payment, nonrecurring
  • Great Commission rate: Up to 45%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • highly trusted Affiliate software/network: Rakuten Advertising


  • Can you imagine waking up to a 45% commission on someone purchasing a $20,000 degree? Well, come out of the dream. Don’t bother because MasterTrack certificates and degrees are unqualified for sales commissions.
  • The very unfortunate thing is that Coursera limits qualified transactions to specializations and courses. Naturally, it would have been more advantageous if everything on its site was counted eligible for sales commissions.

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program basically nothing but an agreement following that the brand pays an influencer or blogger “the affiliate” a payment “commission” for forwarding traffic and/or sales their way.

Firstly, you must apply to the affiliate program and be patient for your account to be permitted. Different organizations have different acceptance criteria, and that could be the monthly views’ numbers on your site/blog, the YouTube subscribers’ number, social media followers’ number, etc.

Once you get chosen in the affiliate program, you’ll be provided with a unique link by the merchant, which is mostly referred to as an “affiliate link.” In other words, this affiliate link is trackable using cookies, and it’s actually what permits the merchant to locate how many sales you grabbed their way so they can, later on, pay you the commission accordingly.

What’s there that makes Affiliate Programs Successful?

It has been estimated In the US that affiliate marketing will develop by $6.8 billion in the upcoming five years. Numerous affiliate programs become successful because they provide a wide range of advantages. The following are some examples of them.

Low or no-cost

For staring with an affiliate program, there’s no need requirement of spending boast of money. No initial investments are needed to become an affiliate unless you want to create a site.

No need for marketing skills

Affiliate programs don’t need any marketing specialist to begin an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing assists you grow different aspects of your strategy of marketing, test them, and select the ones that snatch the maximum revenue.

Flexibility of working

Affiliate marketing can be selected both as a full-time or part-time job. Flexibility, as well as the convenience of working from any place, make it a fantastic option for almost every individual.

An additional source of income

Those who work in a full-time job doesn’t need to quit it for becoming an affiliate marketer. In other words, they can gain a passive additional income instead of the assistant of affiliate marketing.

Performance on the basis of income

Affiliates get commissions on the basis of pre-determined actions. The action might be a sign-up for a service, an application installation, or positive comments, etc.

Types of Affiliate Programs

In case promoting your products & services is your destination, there are some affiliate programs available worth considering. When selecting an affiliate program, you’ll need to remember the avenues or platforms your traffic spends the majority of their time.

For instance, does your purchaser persona frequently scroll Facebook, read blog posts, or use search engines while researching fresh products? Alternatively, is your purchaser persona someone who’s every time looking for a great deal and would appreciate the link on a coupon website?

Or are they highly interested in making a boast of research before buying, making your promotion efforts highly worthwhile on a review website? Those are questions that you must consider before joining an affiliate program for yourself in the future. Let’s cherish some general types of affiliate programs so starting potential brainstorming avenues will be easy for your own marketing efforts:

Search affiliates

With the help of this program, you’ll have entrepreneurs or freelancers pay their own money for promoting your offer on search outcomes or other online platforms of advertising such as Facebook Advertising.

While you’ll want to make sure your partner is frequently following search & advertising guidelines, this might work in your favor in case your partner has a good SEO background and wants to A/B test to indicate which ads results are most ROI for them and the most referrals for you.


In case there are fantastic bloggers or social media influencers in the industry you have who engage with your correct purchaser persona regularly, you should consider partnering with them.

For example, in case you sell kitchen appliances, then reaching out to bloggers or YouTube influencers will be ideal for you who post recipes, and request them in case they’d promote your product as the “recommended tool” in the next recipe video/post.

Also, it’ll result in your target traffic, taking a look at your site, and in case they prefer the products you offer, could offer additional revenue for the influencer.

Review sites

In case you offer a product/service that is highly expensive or niche, then most of your purchasers will conduct research on that topic before they make a purchase decision. If that’s the case you’re facing, researching the top review sites will be an ideal idea related to your product or service.

Also, reach out to the business/writer who published the piece, requesting whether they’d be interested in offering an affiliate link to the product or service you’ve in the text.

Coupon sites

If you’re promoting a new product/service that isn’t famous in the marketplace, trying to create an affiliate partnership is what you’ll do with a coupon website for a limited time. However, losing money might not be your intention by providing your product away at a high discount. Undoubtedly, it could be effective for some first-time purchasers to surf out your site and become brand advocates.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be ideal in small doses. You don’t need any partners forwarding out bulk emails to shoppers who aren’t interested in the products or services you offer, but with ideal consideration for who’s receiving the email, email marketing might be an effective approach.

For example, in case you’re selling design tools, you might be reaching out to marketing agencies and request, if they’re working with a certain client on a project of design, whether they might think about forwarding a URL from your website within the email’s body.

This could assist their clients in leveraging the tools you offer for creating higher-quality content while offering agencies an added source of income.

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Making The Most Of Managed VPS Hosting – A Linux Sysadmin’s Perspective

Once you truly understand what Linux VPS Hosting is, and how much you can do with it, you may have questions about what happens on the backend of the virtual private server. 

What should be happening in the background of your managed VPS? 

Where should you begin as a new cPanel VPS customer?

We could easily start discussing some in-depth topics:

It’s easy to read that list and feel as if you need to do all of the things right now. 

Let’s take a step back and take in a different perspective on how to get the most out of your managed VPS.

We asked InMotion Hosting Linux system administrator Jason A. about his thoughts on getting started with Managed VPS Hosting.

A Sysadmin on Managed VPS Hosting

Because I’m big on protecting personally identifiable information (PII), I won’t ask too many personal questions. How long have you been working with Linux?

I installed Linux for the first time at the age of 15. All I had to figure it out was a book and installation media from a friend. Since then I’ve been finding newer and newer ways to break Linux which gives me opportunities to learn

As a Linux system administrator at InMotion Hosting, what’s your role in maintaining cPanel managed VPSs and dedicated servers? What’s your regular day for a Linux sysadmin?

We monitor our VPS and Dedicated hosting platforms 24/7/365 to ensure uptime. One of the main things I look out for on our VPSs is a short term spike in resource usage. That could mean a sale on an eCommerce site or an article on a blog has gone viral. But sometimes it’s the sign of an attack which I want to address. Immediate but reversible steps are taken to address the issue in the short term. They are then communicated to the customer to allow their developer to review and make a final decision.

As for our Dedicated Hosting customers I treat them like they just purchased their own private island. I watch for proverbial smoke signals and wave as I pass by in my dream Yacht. Ready to provide aid as needed.

What do you enjoy most about working on cPanel managed servers?

The toolkits. The tools found on a cPanel server allow me to do my job a whole lot more efficiently compared to a server with a base level OS installed.

cPanel’s ability to backup your website files, databases, email accounts, e-mails, logs, and other data into a single file is quite powerful. It makes keeping your own backups easy but also allows you to migrate to and from a cPanel host painlessly.

Get automatic cPanel cPanel backups with our exclusive Backup Manager.

What common myths do you often hear about cPanel Server Hosting?

Softaculous dashboard

I’d say the most common misunderstanding is that you need Linux or Programming knowledge to use cPanel hosted on a Linux server. cPanel has done a great job at making the process of managing your web hosting much easier. We offer tools like Softaculous which make it simple to install your favorite CMS and get the ball rolling.

We both know cPanel adds new features regularly. What cPanel or WebHost Manager (WHM) features do you believe should be used more?

2FA (Two Factor Authentication). Any password can become compromised. Having a second layer of authentication is imperative to maintain VPS security.

What additional software do you often recommend to VPS administrators?

I strongly recommend the use of a web application firewall (WAF). A WAF is a service that sits between the server hosting your site and visitors to your site. It can provide caching, added security, and additional traffic reporting for your website.

For improved performance-focused WAF, we recommend the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN). To prioritize security and receive remote assistance when malware is detected, check out the Sucuri WAF.

What do you believe should be the first steps when setting up a new cPanel VPS?

cPanel ships with many services installed and enabled to cover most people’s needs. My first steps would be to set a strong root password, enable the aforementioned 2FA to protect root level WHM access, and disable any services you do not need.

What is your advice for anyone considering dropping a cPanel VPS for Unmanaged Cloud Server Hosting?

Do not run any Linux command you do not understand.

Cloud server and managed VPS Hosting Snapshot options in AMP

While your favorite search engine is your friend it can still lead you astray. Take advantage of our Managed Hosting team! Their guidance can prove priceless when setting up your server.

If I can sneak in a second piece of advice that is to use server snapshots! You never know when you might need that restore point from last week to save your bacon.

I had a peanut butter and jelly burger with bacon a few days ago. Delicious. Anyway, we currently offer CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu Cloud Server Hosting at InMotion Hosting. What additional OS would you like to see us offer?

SuSE logo

SuSE is one of the last Linux OSes supported by the virtualization software we use that is not currently offered. Adding an option to drop an OpenSuSE container would mean we’re passing on all the flexibility of our virtualization platform to our customers.

I’ve only covered SuSE in a Firewalld installation article, thanks to DistroTest.net. Different Linux distributions for different types of users. On that topic, what type of user do you think should consider our Cloud Server Hosting instead of a cPanel VPS? 

Someone who prefers their own choice of OS, needs access to the newest software versions, and doesn’t need a graphical user interface (GUI) to administer their server would find a cloud server a strong choice. With AMP (Account Management Panel) and SSH access you can customize the blank slate that is Cloud VPS Hosting to your specific needs.

Any last bits of advice or closing statements you’d like to offer to customers getting started with Managed VPS Hosting?

I am an advocate for putting your dreams into action whatever they may be. My dream was to become a Linux system administrator. But you don’t have to be a Linux sysadmin to successfully launch a business in this online world. cPanel and WHM on a managed VPS allow you to easily set up your website, email accounts, and start working towards those dreams.

Have more questions? Let’s talk in our Community forum. Or ask our Sales team about the right Managed VPS Hosting plan for you.

Global Marketing For Beginners: No one Explains this! | Windows VPS Hosting Blog


Global Marketing For Beginners Guide: In case you’re in business, you must need marketing strategies for global marketing. We all know that marketing is all about communication & planning. Global marketing is the best challenge for us in markets where we share culture as well as a language. 

But while taking our products & services on the road to international destinations, we suddenly need to market effectively to people whose social behavior, language norms, and experiences vary greatly from those we’re accustomed to communicating with. 

There have been limitless, often amusing, examples of organizations getting international marketing very, very wrong.

So, better don’t mark yourself in that list! For that, you have to fully read our Global Marketing For Beginners article.

Global Marketing For Beginners

Numerous major international brands have taken major wrong turns in their international marketing campaigns. Therefore, we’ve described master tips for global marketing, especially for beginners! 

 Importance of SEO in Global marketing

Now, everyone wants to be a global marketer. It isn’t compulsory to say that the competition is touching the sky. The question is, how can you stand out of the mob? The success lies in how strong you are with your research work and SEO.

Without SEO, you can’t find out what’s trending where, and you are also clueless regarding the competition in a specific market in a specific region.

You certainly can’t figure out your strategies without understanding the flow of a given market. To bring your results on top, you need to go hard and heavy on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For example, if you are trying to sell health-related software in the United States, then it might happen that in France. The competition for that niche will be less than the U.S. Similarly if you’re looking for the long term, then you can target a nation where the craze (or the monthly Google searches) are high.

Research and SEO aren’t as bewildering as they sound. It’s not an option; it’s necessary if you wanna get your grip tight over the global market in the upcoming time.

Importance of a good web hosting service

In our Global Marketing For Beginners article, we certainly can’t skip the importance of a good web hosting service.

What would you do with all your SEO efforts if your website isn’t loading in time or going offline frequently, and high chances are there for getting it hacked as well?

Good web hosting service is the root of which your global marketing tree will thrive in the future. So, it certainly needs to be strong. Your web hosting should give tremendous speed (in whatever region of the world you are marketing). Besides that, it should give regular backups, unbeatable security, resources (good enough bandwidth, storage space, CPU, etc.), customer support, and the list still goes long!

If your hosting service is doing good, you can’t even imagine how much upward thrust it can give to your Global marketing and trade. Tap HERE to reach the best web hosting service for Global marketers.

Developing Global Marketing Strategies

The digital world has eliminated borders and has made organizations concentrate on adopting a highly unified marketing strategy. For marketers searching to expand their reach to fresh audiences, this makes a great case for locating at a unified global marketing strategy to make sure your message is identified with countries outside of your company’s headquarters.

Here are some helpful tips to start developing your comprehensive global marketing strategy:

Global Marketing For Beginners Tip #1- Know the Market

When you first determine expanding your marketing to a global level. After that you must understand the environment with which you will be working.

Every single region of the world has different behaviors and norms when we talk about marketing messages. What is appropriate in that country/state, how people like to be contacted, etc. Ensure doing research on how that market is going to respond to your marketing strategy. So, after that, you get the most observation from your new audience.

Global Marketing For Beginners Tip #2 – Develop Your Marketing Plan

Succeeding in a global environment doesn’t mean just changing the language of marketing assets. You must need your global marketing plan to be strong enough with your domestic efforts, but it’ll need to be customized on the basis of the requirements of the region in which you are marketing to.

After you’ve some insight into the global landscape, crafting a plan to outline the course you’ve of action can be done after that. Firstly, you’ll ask yourself about your destinations and objectives are for the program of marketing. Consider the following questions:

  • What’s the purpose of expanding your efforts?
  • What are you searching for to achieve?
  • How can you measure success?

Once you establish your destinations , you can craft a plan covering the strategy that’s overarching and the tactics to achieve those destinations.

Global Marketing For Beginners Tip 3 – Customize Your Marketing Approach

You must determine to start your global marketing efforts online for reaching a global audience & centralize your efforts there. However, don’t forget that what worked for reaching the domestic audience you have might not translate correctly overseas.

Be sure to adapt your initiatives fro fitting the audience for which you’re trying to reach to craft a customized experience for them.

What works perfectly in one country/region will likely not yield similar results in other markets. Speak to the requirements of that specific region to market your product and service. Also, customize your approach to suit that environment.

Comprehensive research is needed on the markets you’re targeting to ensure your messaging arrives across the way you intended. Be sure that you are utilizing global marketing’s ideal methods of connecting with individuals in that region.

An ideal example is WhatsApp. While it’s used with people globally, it’s an application heavily used in South America especially. For clients in South America, having a WhatsApp strategy is crucial. However, it’s not essential in the U.S. to Consider that detail’s level when customizing your marketing methods to a new region.

Global Marketing For Beginners Tip #4 – Localize Your Message

No matter you’re taking your efforts and hard work to a global audience, that doesn’t mean you can’t still deliver your message locally in a strong manner. Actually, it’s almost compulsory to be “glocal” (a blend of global + local) with your message while targeting the global audience.

Understanding the cultural and language barriers and adjusting your message, respectively, for each market isn’t compulsory. However, at the same time, it’s vital to understand various cultural references, important events, and holidays.

You need to tailor the tactics and platforms to the specific targeted region is you really want to create a personalized marketing program for deeply connecting to your audience.

The brands successfully executing global marketing mark a local identity to their campaigns besides remaining constant with their global messaging.

Global Marketing For Beginners Tip #5 – Revise your strategy + perfectly reflect your market’s environment

Through the FITTskills International Sales and Marketing course, you’ll learn how to approach global markets differently in comparison to international markets; besides that, you’ll know what does that mean for your overall marketing strategy. 

In addition to accomplishing the international market motto, an international marketer needs to develop an appreciation and understanding of diversities in economic and  technological. Industrial levels among various nations and their varying capabilities, skills standards, and expectations. 

Also, political and legal differences, including variations in business practices. Different levels of competitive intensity. Besides all that, Cultural differences, such as aesthetics, languages, and values.

Global Marketing For Beginners Tip #6 – Create an awesome first impression

In simple words, your potential client makes a subconscious sort of decision: either they will listen politely and, after that, dismiss the proposal, or straight away trust what they saw in those first seconds. Considering that, how can consultants ensure to create an awesome first impression to those potential clients? 

You need to Work backward to recognize how to firstly grab the attention of a client. It’s understood that a product is used, impersonal and palpable, but service is personal, experienced, and intangible. 

So what are the requirements it take to sell besides getting acceptance for an intangible idea in the foreign market? Ultimately, you have to create an image in the mind of a foreign contact that will lead to being hired to offer that intangible service. Expanding the first step to sell an intangible idea globally comes down to how to build that relationship. 

It’s the world of relationship-based sales, and there’s an adage that states one needs to seduce first and then sell afterward. Selling before persuading is not possible; you can’t persuade someone until grabbing their interest.

Further, you can’t grab someone’s interest without attracting their attention. You better understand the whole scenario, as it’s a whole chain! With immense riding on catching attention early on, your initial visual image is crucial to the success of whatever steps that follow.

Global Marketing For Beginners Tip #7 – Invest in relevant content because “Content is king”

The business world began hearing about content marketing just some years back. International marketing geeks such as Kathrin Bussmann have mastered how to use this particular marketing strategy and develop it to attract international audiences.

Yes, you need to invest in the translation besides the localization of your content. Transcreation (creation of entirely fresh content for a particular region) is what we’re considering here. Might be your business already generating content of some type.

Whether it’s a podcast, blog posts, image galleries, or YouTube videos. Ideally, the format you’ve selected fully reflects your audience’s content preferences. 

From your main platform, you can share your content strategically through various digital channels. For example, messaging apps, email, social networks, and so on. Done well, content marketing is among the most effective ways for your business to not just find, but also convert and retain customers.

Further, global content marketing has the potential to thrive your business to the higher levels. As long as you get to know the criticality of adapting your content for every single regional market.

Ethics in Action

Now, The case of International Marketing is pretty much clear to you, but you have to move further, holding some Ethics is crucial.

Major international marketing ethical issues derived from high-end research are presented along with their respective short definitions as following:

Traditional Small Scale Bribery

It involves the payment of small amounts of money, generally to a foreign official in return, locating him/her in violating any official responsibility or duty to speed regular government actions (grease payments, kickbacks).


This includes a range of items, for example, opportunities for personal travel tour at the company’s expense, lavish physical gifts, gifts received after finishing transaction getting, and various extravagant, expensive entertainment.

Large Scale Bribery

This includes a relatively large payment with the intention to permit a violation of the law or made to influence policy directly/indirectly, for example, political contribution.


It incorporates unfair differential pricing and in questionable invoicing where the purchaser requests a written invoice showing a cost other than the actual cost paid. Pricing for forcing out local competition, dumping products at prices well lower than in the home country, pricing practices, which are illegal in the home country. However, legal in the host country, for example, price-fixing agreements, etc.


Now, this incorporates products & technology, which are banned for use in the home country but allowed in the host country and/or seen unsuitable or inappropriate for usage by the people of that country.

Tax Evasion Practices

The usage of it is frequent to evade tax, for example, transfer pricing where costs paid between affiliates and/or parent organization that adjest to affect profit allocation incorporating the use of tax havens, where any profit crafted is in less tax jurisdiction, adjusted interest payments on the loans that are intra-firm, questionable management and service expenses charged between affiliates and the parent organization.

Illegal Activities

Activities that are Illegal/Immoral in the Host Country—practices, for example, polluting the environment, handling unsafe working conditions, product or technology copying where the security of patents, trademarks, or copyrights are not enforced & short-weighting overseas shipments so as for charging a country a phantom weight.

Questionable Commissions to Members of Channel

Unreasonably huge commissions of fees paid to members of the channel, for example, sales agents, consultants, dealers, middlemen, and importers. 

Cultural Differences

Cultural differences between cultures incorporating potential misunderstandings in relation to the traditional needs of the exchanging process. For example, transactions might be regarded by solitary culture as bribes. However, be acceptable business practices in one other culture. These practices incorporate gifts, favors, entertainment, monetary payments, and political contributions.

Political Affairs Involvement

Political affairs involvement related to the marketing activities’ combination and politics incorporating the following. The political influence’s exertion by multinationals, engaging in activities of marketing when either host or home countries are facing war or illegal technology transfers.

Understanding Your Target Customers

Foreign markets are not only copies of U.S. markets; they need products that are suitable to the local population. However, European markets and developed countries are highly similar to the United States, emerging markets such as the BRIC countries have essential differences.

Products must meet local requirements in terms of quality, performance, cost, features, and, for being successful, an organization must be aware of the interplay between these aspects. Let’s discuss consumers in emerging countries to get a feel for these differences.

Rising Middle Class

The number of middle-class individuals in emerging countries has been developing, partly as Western organizations hiring low-expense labor directly or via outsourcing agreements in these areas. Offering jobs in these countries have enhanced household incomes.

These quick-rising incomes, especially in areas that are urban, make vast new pools of disposable income. Almost eight of the ten biggest cities in the world are currently in emerging markets. Their populations are undoubtedly young, and they’re just starting to adopt the complete range of consumer goods that can be found in the developed world.

Sometimes, these middle-class consumers might purchase more expensive branded goods, in case the brands resonate with the local crowd’s interests. Just imagine the relative sales ratio of 60 dollars Nike basketball shoes vs. the sales ratio is 120 dollars for Nike shoes of Yao Ming–brand for basketball. In the U.S., sales can be 20% for the higher costed shoe.

In mainland China, it might be 5% for the Yao Ming shoe because of cost; but in greater prosperous Hong Kong, the sales might be 50% for the shoes. Middle-class individuals are reading about Western goods and need branded items, but expenses can be an issue depending on the affluence’s local level. It was just an example for you to understand.

Millionaires Are Currently Everywhere

Just because the average income is highly lesser in emerging markets doesn’t imply that no individual can afford high-end luxury goods. A few automobile manufacturers, such as tracking the number of millionaires inside the country for an indicator of the segment that is very affluent.

Certain cities in emerging-market countries might be having a concentration of affluent consumers. For example, in Monterrey, Mexico, the expenses of consumer goods are comparable with those of New York City. So, you just need to target smartly!

Dealing with Gray & Counterfeit Markets

Price discrepancies between different markets, the gray market exists, and it’s a compulsory part to understand. For instance, consumer-packaged-goods brands may price their products at a higher point in Austria inc comparison to the neighboring Czech Republic because of the Austrian citizens’ higher levels of income.

So, Austrians might order their stuff from Czech retailers and simply cross the border to receive their products. The goods in the stores in the Czech Republic are authentic and legitimate. However, the presence of this gray-market activity highly hurts the producer, distributors and retailers, and various other channel partners in the higher-priced nation. Yes, that’s nothing good, actually!

In comparison to gray markets, which we can certainly call legitimate. However, legally in a gray area, fakes and affects markets purposely deceive the customer. For instance, counterfeiters little bit alter Sony’s logo to Bony, making it hard to distinguish if you don’t inspect carefully.


Counterfeit markets bring loss to the companies that have invested in constructing intellectual assets like unique product designs, costly media content, technological developments, and carefully crafted brands. Combine, these intellectual assets constitute and represent an investment of millions (sometimes, even billions) of dollars.

In case a company’s product, brand, or technology is counterfeited, both the company’s financial security and reputation highly suffer. All of its channel partners, including retailers, distributors, etc. are facing affect the same way. For instance, an executive traveling in Hong Kong noticed one unique style of Nike shoes.

After asking about them, he came to know that the shoes were available only in size eight. This fact made him realize these shoes might be prototype samples from some local factory that had been straightaway smuggled out of its factory to be sold.

A few industries have made efforts to limit the scope of the counterfeiting/copying. If you’re in global marketing, better don’t try counterfeiting/copying, as it can certainly bring legal issues.

Similarly, being the marketing person in your company, you need to focus on strategies for avoiding counterfeiting/copying of your products and services. The counterfeiting can certainly damage your brand’s reputation. As we discussed above, you have to follow whatever is needed to avoid that.

Additional points to deal with Gray & Counterfeit Markets

Global Marketing For Beginners

  • The basics of global marketing start with the core of marketing knowledge, which consists of the four Ps. The four Ps stand for product, price, promotion, and place. After putting all these together, these four Ps form the global marketing mix.
  • These four Ps (or just one of them) can differ from nation to nation. For instance, the product might differ from nation to nation in case a company looks forward to adapting its product/service to local tastes or creating a fresh product specifically to match local tastes. Hence, Starbucks launched a green tea Frappuccino in China, which you don’t find anywhere else.
  • The second P, price, stands for the amount of money that a customer pays for a specific product/service. Price represents a specific challenge when companies begin selling to emerging markets as consumers’ income levels in these nations prove to be much lower in contrast to developed countries. 
  • Besides that, the channel of distribution might get longer when companies start selling to international markets. Instead of a direct channel in which a company sells its products/services directly to a consumer. Intermediaries (including agents, brokers, distributors, wholesalers, international freight forwarders, retailers, and trading companies) between the producer and the consumer often characterize the global-market distribution chain. Companies need to pay everyone out of these intermediaries, and that increases the product’s cost.


  • The third P, which stands for “promotion,” refers to the activities needed to inform and encourage clients to buy a specific product. Sometimes, companies customize these promotions to use wording and images that resonate with local markets, for generating local profit.
  • The final P, which stands for a place, refers to the region where a company offers its products/services for sale. Several emerging nations may lack national retail chains, stating that these companies may have to sell their products/services via a much more splintered system of small kiosks or storefronts.
  • Market segmentation states the process of dividing a huge market into several smaller markets. Also, all of those share a common characteristic, for example, age or lifestyle. It’s crucial to note that not every single citizen of a specific country can be monotonously market and uniformly. Because, in addition to demographic differences, there may be certain regional differences within every single country as well.
  • There are certain Price discrepancies between markets, which lead to the development of gray markets (about which we discussed above). We can hardly avoid these price discrepancies because of the difference in the income levels in different countries. Companies desire to charge prices for their products that locals in various countries can afford. The result is that consumers in richer countries may buy the product in a less rich country for a lower price and save money. Counterfeit markets defraud customers into buying what they consider branded products at a pretty bargain price.

The conclusion

In true words, global marketing can be fun if you have the right knowledge. However, if you’ve got the right tips and tricks. We’d recommend you to first make your website safer, highly interactive, rich, and make it load faster. For all that, you can look upon nothing else except the Best Web Hosting for Global Marketing websites.

Once you get your website set up perfectly, you can certainly earn great money even if you catch the market of just one or two countries! It’s really a worth department interest, and once you develop your market well, then things will keep on rolling on.

Also, if you’re in some company, planning to globalize their product or services, do recommend Accuweb Hosting, as there’ a perfect plan for all levels of marketers, at prices, which you won’t find anywhere else!


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Transactional Emailing: Why Professionally Managed Services over In-house? | Windows VPS Hosting Blog

The question is – Transactional Emailing: Why Professionally Managed Services over In-house?

Well, we’d begin by firing one question rather than directly answering it! Do you really prefer perfection?

If you’re using in-house service here, then 1 out of 4 of your targeted recipient is not going to receive your transactional email; that’s a hard fact to digest!

Besides that, you need to be smart and up-to-date with tracking. Being an enterprise, just sending emails doesn’t finish your job! You should look after managing and monitoring the transactional email process with dedication.

Figuring out problems like complaints, bounces, unsubscribes, etc. is crucial, and also you. Besides that, if you track opens/clicks, you’ll come to know whether any changes are to be made in the sending process or everything is going fine.

There’s much to know further!

Keep reading!

Transactional Emailing: Why Professionally Managed Services over In-house?

Undoubtedly, it’s your choice whether to roll on with the professional managed services instead of in-house or not. However, we’d love to describe what all you’ll suffer in case you reject a professionally managed service.

The majority of the organizations prefer going with the professionally managed service because there is huge potential for revenue generation of transactional emails. Choosing the in-house option doesn’t give them any control over the campaign, which brings several negatives.

Before you just tap on one of the choices, we’d advise you to cherish a few points, which ear certainly worth considerations if you want to kiss success in the near future!

Inbox Success Rate: The ultimate consideration

You aren’t sending transactional emails for time pass, and of course, you want them to land in your desired buyer’s inbox and get read as well. Going with the in-house options means there are no guarantees of success rate, and even if it drops, you actually can’t do many forms your side.

That’s a pity situation, and you can’t expect the success rate to match what you get with the professionally managed system.

As we read above, there’s no guarantee that the email that you shot toward the purchaser will land in his inbox, but if you’re using a professionally managed system, the inbox success rate is inbuilt, and a core aspect. So, for those who prefer to be strict with the job, a professionally managed system is the right choice.

Sharp Monitoring & Tracking of Performance

What do you think about how important monitoring, measuring, and analyzing the performance of your transactional emails are? 

Rolling with the in-house service, you don’t just need great investment, but you also need the right technology (you can certainly make a mistake in choosing the right one here). Also, your in-house person needs to be perfect at tracking and everything. 

Buying professionally managed services can cut off the hassle and investment, and you receive tailed reports, analyses, and much more. Don’t you think that’s much of a luxury, especially when you’re paying so low (if you’re choosing Accuweb’s transactional email service)?

Client’s Data Security

Even after knowing that there are so many benefits of choosing a professionally managed system over in-house, several enterprises prefer managing all transactional email processes internally. The major reason behind the same is to ensure the safety of sensitive customer data.

Not every transactional emailing service provider is trustworthy, but our info-security is top-notch. We’re counted among the most reputed service providers, and we use certified global data centers for carrying on the transactional emailing process. Hence, all risks are eliminated, and we do deserve your trust!

We, at Accuweb email delivery service, have a security policy covering an enormous array of security controls reflecting how we implement info security to shield info stored, processed, and transmitted by our products and services.

Saving Money + Strong Infrastructure

Choosing the in-house transactional email process proves to be a weaker choice from the financial perspective as well, besides perfection. If you avoid going with the professional service, you’ll need dedicated IPs. Besides creating, maintenance of robust infrastructure is needed.

Also, you’ll have to bring skilled professionals for managing everything, which will need some interviews (investment of time), and we can’t be sure that they’ll work perfectly. Just imagine what sum of money you’ll be shedding in this whole process?

Better don’t set your pocket on fire!

If you outsource the whole process to the Accuweb Professionals, you’re saving tons of money besides saving efforts, and you can go carefree!

Just for example, our most recommended pro plan permits you to send from 100,000 to 1.5 million emails in total per month, costing you just $77.95. Don’t rub eyes, you read correctly!

Scalability: You can’t skip this part!

Your email volume is not going to be constant; you know that, right?

What if it expands in the future?

Your in-house set-up might not prove to be enough to accommodate. The expert whom you’ve hired for the same might face difficult times.

The smoothness of the whole process is disturbed, and we’re sure you won’t want that to happen! 

On the other hand, scalability is one of the major advantages of Professionally managed services. Accuweb Professionals can always provide great help and perfectly accommodate you with your growth.

Transactional Emailing: Why choose Accuweb’s email delivery services over others?

Yes, there are several email delivery services existing today, boasting much high about themselves. Delivering perfection, convenience, and satisfaction is most important, and that’s what we consider our core motto. 

You’ll feel amazing to view our plans and pricing.

Hey, jaw-dropping free service is available!

If you feel your requirements are small, then we’ve got unbelievable free service for you. There are no hidden gimmicks at all. Guess what, you’re free to send 40,000 emails for the first 30 days. After that, you can send 100 emails per day without paying a penny. 

If you feel that you’ll face some restrictions regarding the features with the free service, then you’re wrong, sorry for that!

You’ll enjoy Core Email API, and Core Marketing Campaigns Features with this free plan. On top of that, a Data-rich email activity feed is what we’ve recently added, and you’ll certainly appreciate that. 

Not just that, even after using our email delivery services for 30 days, if you’re not upgrading your plan, then also you enjoy free SendGrid throughout your life. 

However, if you want to enjoy dedicated IP, prioritized support, subuser management, etc., then you’ll have to move towards our paid plans, whose prices won’t hurt you at all. 

Amazing features for elevating your convenience

Firstly, we ensure instant activation and running of your email program without pinching you for the credit card. You can access all core features. Getting to our full-featured trial, you’ll gain access to all crucial features such as real-time analytics, drag & drop visual editor, 24/7 customer support APIs and webhooks, and so on. 

With the Pro and Premier plans, you get all amazing features, including Dedicated IP, Subuser management, Prioritized support**, for 5 million+ emails/mo, and Customer success manager.

Price: Something hard to believe!

Have you thought how much you will have to pay to get a professional to take over your in-house transactional email sending procedure? Also, are you sure that he’ll bring guaranteed results and work with total perfection? 

No need to feel bewildered!

Accuweb has a much low-cost solution, and even if you are a humongous enterprise, our $1697.95 proves to be enough. You’re free to send 5M emails every month, along with every single bit of assistance. 

The conclusion

Hence, it’s already proved that opting Professionally Managed Services over In-house is so beneficial. You save money, time, effort, and also lead to perfection. Besides that, you don’t have to bother about monitoring, measuring, and analyzing your transactional emails’ performance. You go brother free, without paying a high sum. We can proudly say, our service is unmatched, and also, our 30 days free service is amazing.

No need to spend thousands of bucks on developing in-house infrastructure! Just throw the job at us, and our experts will take care of the rest!



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Best Forex VPS Hosting for Traders in Japan

Best Forex VPS Hosting for Traders in Japan: Forex trade is developing day by day in Japan, and young traders are coming up with the plans of running Forex trade, and earning good by implementing certain strategies!

Do you know, a Forex VPS hosting plan can make or break your Forex career? Yes, the impact is more than you expect.

Talking about the considering factors, speed, security, full RDP access, VPS management, full RDP access are the major ones, while the whole list can be pretty long. It’s also a bitter truth that from the majority of the Forex VPS hosting providers, the Japanese traders aren’t able to enjoy them as high performance as the American and the British.

Accuweb Hosting has come up with some tremendous plans for the Japanese traders, bringing the highest level of security, features, flexibility, and so on.

Now, Japanese Forex traders are most beneficial than ever, and the Accuweb Hosting’s plans have covered traders of all levels.

All offerings are genuine and incomparable and talking about the price, and it’s unbeatable!

Best Forex VPS Hosting for Traders in Japan

Now firstly, we’ll let you know what are the considerable facts while purchasing a Forex VPS plan, and measure our Forex VPS hosting plans on those grounds, and ensure whether all of your requirements are met or not. Besides that we’ve described which plan fits perfectly for whom, and highlighted the respective benefits of each.

Shall we begin?

Best Forex VPS Hosting for Traders in Japan: What all should you consider?

  • Price
  • Security
  • Speed
  • Flexibility in plans
  • Full RDP access
  • VPS management
  • Ram & Storage

Now, let’s go deeper into considerations:


Obviously, the first consideration is the price! Undoubtedly, you can get some tremendous features, but what’s the benefit if it’s making you spend higher than normal?

The motto should be of getting high-end advantages and convenience at reasonable costs. Just look at Accuweb Hosting’s Forex VPS hosting plans price list! Most importantly, we haven’t compromised with convenience, security, speed, or anything else even a bit. By the way, we are better than others on those considerations.

Here’s the pricing chart, and we’re 120% sure that you’ll be glad!

Forex VPS 1 Forex VPS 2 Forex VPS 3 Forex VPS 4 Forex VPS 5 Forex VPS 6
¥1,280 ¥2,560 ¥4,690 ¥11,900 ¥20,460 ¥40,900

You can begin at just ¥1,280, and the offerings will fill you with joy! Moving to further plans, all prove to be tremendous value for the money, as the Forex VPS Hosting plans of the competitors actually stand nowhere considering value for money.


Cyber criminals are smarter than ever, and you know, Forex is the game of money, it’s a golden target for several hackers. Security needs to be unbreakable so that you have enough peace while trading. Many hosting providers boast high regarding security, but do you feel there are no loopholes left?

Well, can’t be sure!

Forex trading includes the transfer of sensitive personal data as well as secret bank account information that you certainly can’t risk reaching the wrong hands. Among the advantages of using a VPS for your FOREX trade is because of the high-level security that it has. Hence, a good VPS hardware needs to be capable enough to provide enhanced security to you.

Besides the protection of your trading related information from hackers, a FOREX VPS needs to secure your data. How secure is your data? After a backup until when you need it?

Further, how secure is your data while a system error takes place or while you face other inconveniences? A highly optimized hardware always uses a RAID 10 technology. It ensures hardware-level data protection.

Considering security, Accuweb Hosting is truly unbeatable. It’s ranked the first considering security, and you can check the same HERE.

So, don’t let any loophole destroy your future planning/goals.

VPS management

VPS management is undoubtedly the ultimate consideration in a FOREX VPS hardware. Generally, a virtual machine allocates the system resources among all the users on it. Nevertheless, this could impede speed and performance. Hence, this isn’t the sort of server you need for your FOREX trading.

For attaining the flawless speed and performance you require, it’s crucial to go for a server using maximum system resources and highly virtualized hardware. Selecting server hardware that provides entire isolation from other VM is necessary, and all Forex VPS hosting plans from Accuweb Hosting brings you that convenience. Also, you enjoy 24×7 VPS Monitoring with all the plans. 


Like a computer, servers also have specific RAM. How much RAM does a Forex trader need for his VPS server? To demonstrate the same thing and help you answer that question, in case your server has 1 GB RAM along with one core CPU, it can conveniently keep your website up and running; besides that, deliver a smoother user experience to close to 2000 visitors a day. 

In the case of Forex, you need at least 512MB RAM to run MT4 and 256MB RAM for MT5. Assess your requirements and get enough RAM with your Forex VPS plan to run your trade smoothly.

While purchasing a Forex virtual private server, remember to check how much ram they’re providing and select the plan according to your requirements of RAM. RAM is enough with all the plans, oh yes!


Forex trading is a business, which thrives on efficiency, speed, and fast decision. Every Forex trader should understand the numerous reasons to use VPS for Forex that delivers high latency during the hours of trading. 

The difference between a trader that is successful and a failure can be the VPS hosting’s speed that they’re using & how the former is predisposed for making greater money than the later. Select a VPS hosting based on the place/country of the Forex trading organization. When it’s not possible, then choose a VPS based in a similar country.

On the plan page, We’ve provided the “test latency” option, and after selecting your broker out of 24 listed over there, you can conveniently test the latency of Tokyo. Considering all brokers and overall latency in Tokyo, hardly anyone can beat our plans. CHECK NOW!

 Let’s begin your Forex journey now, spending just ¥1,280!

Forex VPS 1 @ ¥1,280  Forex VPS 2 @ ¥2,560  Forex VPS 3 @ ¥4,690
2 vCPU Cores 3 vCPU Cores 4 vCPU Cores
35 GB RAID6 SSD Storage 40 GB RAID6 SSD Storage 45 GB RAID6 SSD Storage
1 GB Guaranteed RAM 2 GB Guaranteed RAM 4 GB Guaranteed RAM
250 GB Bandwidth 450 GB Bandwidth 650 GB Bandwidth
Weekly Backups Weekly Backups Weekly Backups
Purchase Addon Purchase Addon Purchase Addon
Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS
Easy Upgrades Easy Upgrades Easy Upgrades
1 IP Address 1 IP Address 1 IP Address
All Trading Platforms All Trading Platforms All Trading Platforms
Compatible with All Operating Systems Compatible with All Operating Systems Compatible with All Operating Systems
7 Days Money Back Guarantee 7 Days Money Back Guarantee 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
24×7 VPS Monitoring 24×7 VPS Monitoring 24×7 VPS Monitoring

Most of the Forex VPS hosting providers in Japan don’t prove to be generous with their cheaper plans. You are left desired with at least something, but after cherishing the Basic Forex VPS plan form Accuweb Hosting @¥1,280, you won’t find anything for which you have to compromise or stay desired.

Ok, what else?

This plan permits you root access, can you believe? Besides that,1 GB Guaranteed RAM, and35 GB RAID6 SSD Storage prove to be enough for successfully laying the foundation of your Forex trade. It’s compatible with all operating systems.

Yes, you can purchase addons, and the upgrading process is so simple. If your Forex trade expands, you can switch to the next plan, which is of ¥2,560. There, you enjoy2 GB Guaranteed RAM, and40 GB RAID6 SSD Storage. Bandwidth is increased from 250MB to 450MB.

Honestly, no other Forex VPS hosting provider is as generous for the beginners as we are!

Crossed that beginning stage? We’ve got the best mid-level Forex VPS plans!

So, how has your Forex trade journey been? Has it been good? What if we say that Accuweb Hosting can help you cover your path from a mid-level Forex trader to an Expert in a shorter span?

A good Forex VPS plan can thrive and bloom your Forex trade, and it’s true that most of the plans prove to be somewhat expensive and unfair. You do get basic features, but when it comes to storage, RAM, bandwidth, CPU cores, etc. at least something is left behind.

Why let a feature or two hinder your success speed?

Just look at the Forex VPS 2 and 3 plans and their respective features! These plans cost ¥4,690 and ¥11,900, respectively. Don’t you think these plans can give an extra thrust to your Forex journey? Speed is insane, and security is unbeatable.

 Hey Forex Geeks, you really need to flip your Forex VPS Hosting plan now!

Forex VPS 4 @ ¥11,900 Forex VPS 5 @¥20,460 Forex VPS 6 @ ¥40,900
160 GB RAID6 SSD Storage 320 GB RAID6 SSD Storage 640 GB RAID6 SSD Storage
2.5 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Bandwidth 3.5 TB Bandwidth
8GB Guaranteed RAM 16GB Guaranteed RAM 32 GB Guaranteed RAM
2 vCPU Cores 4 vCPU Cores 8 vCPU Cores
CDP Backup (ADDON) CDP Backup (ADDON) CDP Backup (ADDON)
Fully Performant VPS Fully Performant VPS Fully Performant VPS
Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS Fully Managed VPS
All Trading Platforms All Trading Platforms All Trading Platforms
Easy Upgrades Easy Upgrades
1 IP Address 1 IP Address 1 IP Address
Compatible with All Operating Systems Compatible with All Operating Systems Compatible with All Operating Systems
24×7 VPS Monitoring 24×7 VPS Monitoring 24×7 VPS Monitoring
7 Days Money Back Guarantee 7 Days Money Back Guarantee 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Forex geeks need wider access in contrast to the mid-level traders and beginners. Bandwidth/storage needs to be high, latency needs to be very low, and besides that, the plans need to be fully managed, performant, and dedicated for perfect overall control.

No matter you want to make intricate changes and carry out high-end customization, you’re free to do everything. Several experienced Forex traders do prefer customization, and generally, Forex VPS hosting plans providing that much flexibility costs pretty higher than the Accuweb Hosting’s costs.

7-day money return guarantee exists to back you.

Guess what, you’re enjoying dedicated resources will all Forex VPS hosting plans!

Who doesn’t love to have dedicated resources in their web hosting plans? After all, the list of benefits is so lengthy! We’d like to mention the biggest ones here.

Flexibility and control

For many Forex traders, a huge advantage of dedicated hosting is that it permits greater control over the hosting and server. We state that because you can fully manage the configuration of the server with a dedicated server hosting.

You attain the flexibility of customizing the server can cover all your needs for RAM, software disc space, and CPU. Besides that, it means you can upgrade it desirably to match the growing needs of your Forex business.

Increased security

With our dedicated server, no one else except your company, and we will have access to your server, and we really mean that. There isn’t any danger of sharing space with other websites, potentially having spam or malicious content.

The risk of cyber-attacks attacking other shared hosting websites is eliminated. It’s certainly important when you/your company handles sensitive transactions over SSL or FTP, isn’t it?

Reliability and performance

Shared hosting is considered incredibly reliable, but dedicated servers bring that little bit extra. There is hardly a piece of a chance of your website getting crashed. Reliability and performance are on top, and being a Forex trader, you certainly need both of these.

Unique IP address

Now, one would say that a unique IP address is something we get with cheaper hosting plans also, but all such shared plans don’t feature a unique IP. With our dedicated Forex VPS hosting plans, you get your own unique IP address, and that brings you relief and ensures security.

No worries concerning the actions of another user. This means that you won’t have to worry about the actions of another user, possibly blacklisting your IP address.

Administrative powers

In case you’re sharing a hosted server, you will not generally have administrative access. Investing in dedicating server hosting permits you with root access and permits you to install desired programs and custom configurations. Besides that, you can monitor your server usage to spot potential concerns and issues before they affect your Forex trade.

Best Forex VPS in Japan: The Conclusion

Our Dedicated Server Hosting ensures high speed and powerful solution for Forex trade utilizing just the best hardware available. We understand that your Forex trade is unique, and that’s why our Forex VPS hosting plans are customizable to meet your requirements and fully accommodate your Forex trade’s future growth.

So, Japanese Forex traders, there’s much to enjoy, and now, let’s get ready to stand as tall as major Forex markets of the world! It’s the time to earn through Forex, and for that, the foundation needs to be very strong.

For that rock-solid foundation, you just need to spend @¥1,280, and that shouldn’t bother at all because no one offers such high-end dedicated resources at such low price. VISIT OUR PAGE, and we assure you that you’ll also start believing that when it comes to the Best Fore VPS Hosting in japan, no one can beat Accuweb Hosting!

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Top 5 PHP Frameworks in 2020 | Windows VPS Hosting Blog

Developing an application or website from scratch entails a lot of work. Frameworks come in handy for such tasks. Let’s start by understanding the term framework!

What is the framework?

A framework is a platform that aids in developing software applications. It’s a library of files containing all basic functions that help software developers in building programs. A framework contains all the basic functions, predefined classes, and the necessary functions in software development.

Therefore, these functions can be used to process input, interact with the system hardware, and even manage hardware devices. In short, a framework contains all the basics you will need as a software developer to build programs from the ground up right from coding when you are building a website or application from scratch.

A framework is like an application programming interface (API) though technically a framework includes an API. The two have similar properties but differ in that a framework lays the groundwork for software development while an API grants access to the elements that are supported by the framework.

A framework includes everything from code libraries, compilers, programs to be used in software
development, and all the tools that keep you from reinventing the wheel every time. In this article, we will focus on the PHP framework.

What is a PHP framework?

PHP stands for Personal Home Page.  It is one of the easiest programming languages to understand and use. With basic programming skills, any software developer can use this PHP effortlessly.

what is php framework

PHP operates under the model view controller fundamentals. So, what is MVC? MVC is an architectural pattern that divides between the domain logic and the user interface. Domain logic is responsible for handling all the data exchanges between your database and user interface. This architectural pattern separates the application to three distinct components; m-model, v-view/user, and c-control.

The model stands for the raw data, view or user refers to how the data is actually being seen while the
controller is the domain language. These three components, once understood, simplify the PHP framework.

Why choose a PHP framework?

PHP framework lays the platform for the development of web applications. Here are other benefits.

  • Saves time- reusing the same code throughout the process saves time.
  • It speeds up web development and software development processes.
  • The framework is very easy to maintain.
  • PHP framework makes the application developed more secure.

Top 5 PHP framework


Now that we have all understood the PHP framework, which is the best PHP framework to use in web
development? Developing any software application from scratch involves a lot of work, therefore, making it very tedious and time-consuming. Using the best PHP framework spares you from recreating the same functions over and over again. We have sifted through the countless PHP framework available in the market to find you the absolute best. In this article, we are reviewing the top 5 PHP framework for beginners. Take a look!

  1. Laravel
  2. CakePHP
  3. CodeIgniter
  4. Symfony
  5. Zend framework

If you ate in a hurry, those are the best PHP frameworks for beginners. So, let’s take a deeper look at each, what it offers, and why you should try it.

   (1) Laravel

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework today. The software developed in 2011 has since assisted web developers and users in building complex web applications. It also utilizes MVC architecture to build complex web applications from scratch. The software is designed to ease simple tasks such as caching, authentication, session, and routing.


Laravel comes with packages such as object-relational mapping (ORM), restful controllers, unit tests and blade template, and packaging system. Not enough for you? You can also expand the PHP framework through add-ons such as spatial, socialite, name it! Laravel comes with the functionality to build modern PHP applications and an abstract routing.

Key features of Laravel

One of the many reasons Laravel is the first PHP framework that comes to mind when the topic arises is because it is designed with its own authentication system. Authentication is very crucial to developers. Before developing a web application, you need to spend endless hours coming up with an authentication code. Luckily, Laravel makes the process easier. All that is required of a developer is to configure models, views, and controllers, and the application is ready to run.

The most exhausting task with developing websites and software is the need to rewrite the same codes countless times. Laravel is designed with an inbuilt command line called artisan. This command-line performs all the repetitive programming tasks, so the developer does not need to waste time and energy. The developer can even create their own codes and MVC files using the command line.

  • Effective object-relation mapping (ORM)

Laravel has inbuilt ORM with an active record implementation. What does this mean? The developer will have an easier time issuing queries to the database. The inbuilt ORM creates easy integration for database and developers. The developer can integrate the database tables without the need to write SQL codes.

Laravel allows users to perform unit testing on any changes they make to the website. This unique unite testing by Laravel ensure that any changes made to the website application do not break anything on the site. A developer can also create their own test case using Laravel.

  • Database Migration System

Laravel Database migration system allows expanding the database structure of an application without re-creating it every time while there are any changes in coding. Using this feature, the risk of losing data is very minimum. It allows you to change the database structure as well as you can use the PHP code instead of SQL.  Schema Builder helps to create database tables and inserts indices or columns easily.

Why should you use Laravel?

Laravel allows the developer to write tests for applications to ensure that all codes are  working seamlessly. It supports PHP units, which make the test-driven applications for PHP easier.

       • Simple routing

Laravel allows for simple and straightforward routing as a single web PHP file is designed to handle all routing.

  • Separation of business logic and presentation code

Laravel framework follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture that separates the business logic from the website.

  • Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel comes with object-oriented libraries, which is one factor that makes it the best PHP
framework. It comes with an authentication library, notification meals, among others.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine any application without notifications but with this framework it’s very easy. Apart from SMTP, laravel provides support for several notification email services such as Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES, SendMail etc.

     (2) CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is another beginner-friendly PHP framework for developers looking for a smooth toolkit to build web applications. It’s also an open-source framework that makes use of a model view controller. It uses different components to handle specific tasks, which helps in the development of highly scalable, dynamic websites.

codeIgniter php framework

It’s very easy to use, making it highly recommended for developers who are new to the PHP framework. With a library full of simple solutions such as video tutorials, user guides, and forums, beginners and experts alike should be able to get around the software just fine.

Key features of CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter follows a model view controller architecture, which clearly separates the logic and presentation of a website. All the database action is conducted through the model and output displayed through the views thanks to the controller of the architecture.

  • Extensive Built-in Library

It comes with a very rich built-in library. The library holds all the required tasks like database, routing, sending emails, manipulating images.

CodeIgniter is designed with a simple interface that helps the developer detect and handle appropriately all the errors that may occur during web application building. The interface will show all the PHP errors in the application you are building. It provides instructions to error logging class that allows debugging messages to be saved as text files.

The PHP software generates SEO friendly URLs that are optimized for search engines. CodeIgniter uses a segment-based approach rather than a standard-based approach, like most PHP frameworks.

CodeIgniter is built with functionality in mind; hence it’s impressively lightweight. The core system requires a very small library to run though you can add other libraries as per your development needs.

Why should you use CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter has one of the best documentations known in the world of PHP.  There is high-quality documentation for CodeIgniter to help developers using the framework.

The software makes use of the MVC architecture, which separates performance from
logic in web building. It also helps in building highly scalable and lightweight applications. Developers using CodeIgniter can simply manage separate codes without rewriting the same codes during web application development.

This is a feature common to all PHP software. The feature helps developers to create, update, or remove a statement from the website without creating raw SQL. The feature makes the whole process simpler and faster.

CodeIgniter is faster development as developers are required to use shorter codes in building web applications. The vast inbuilt library contains all the tools that a developer may need in the process. Whether its email, zip encoding, calendar, unite testing, validation, etc. You will find everything in the library. Other libraries can also be added to meet the needs of the developer.

It has an extensive set of built-in libraries, including zip encoding, calendar, unit testing modules, validation, session, email, and zip encoding, etc.

     (3) CakePHP

CakePHP framework screams simplicity and elegance. It was the first PHP framework to land in the market in the 2000s. To date, it’s still one of the best PHP software you can use, and the popularity speaks volumes. The software is one of the easiest PHP frameworks to learn for beginners because it uses the CRUD functionality, that is, the create, read, update, and delete functionality. It can be used to create feature-rich, visually-impressive, and excellent websites.


Another impressive thing about CakePHP is that it always comes with new and more impressive features with every version they release. The goal is to maintain a strong user base by using excellent features. CakePHP is designed with efficient features such as SQL injection prevention, forgery protection, and cross- set scripting protection. Developers are focusing on commercial websites.

Key features of CakePHP

CakePHP makes coding so simple. One of the features that make this software shine it the fact that it
approaches coding conventionally. What do we mean? Once you have mastered a set of convections, you can spend the rest of your time fully focused on website development. It makes complex coding child’s play with its advanced tools. It also has a flexible data validation process.

CakePHP allows the developer to perform unit-testing every step of the development process to ensure that no elements added will break down the website. It also offers useful tools that increase the functionality in web building. It also provides multi-talented resources with extensive knowledge in building website applications.

CakePHP is designed with inbuilt validation, and throughout the development process, you will notice the validation rules are adhered to. The software also comes with amazing features such as good entities flow. The validation techniques are very practical in marking the point of validation to make development easier and enjoyable.

The PHP software also provides a variety of easy testing methods that detect errors in web development. You can detect errors fast hand and fix them before proceeding in web development.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced web developer, CakePHP is the PHP framework for you. It’s very easy to use, letting a developer create designs using the template editor. You can also customize your website effortlessly as per the requirements and needs.

Why should you use CakePHP?

CakePHP is one of the easiest PHP frameworks thanks to its easy configuration. All you need to do is manage the database settings. There are no codes for which you need to state the location
of the library.

Security and session handling are some of the components to look out for in a database.
CakePHP comes with advanced data validation that allows developers to utilize the flexible security
facilities throughout the application.

  • A wide array of extensions

CakePHP- can extend your project to more components, plug-ins, and behaviors. You can also use the CakePHP framework to create reusable code for multiple projects, so you don’t need to rewrite the same code again.

CakePHP is designed on model view controller architecture, meaning your application will be divided into three distinct parts; model, view, and controller. The model supports all the data related logic, while the view is used for rendering data on the screen. The controller, on the other hand, can alter data before it can interact with the model. The purpose of this is to process and react to actions. Al the three parts are designed to separate logic from presentation in a website.

ORM is a programming technique to facilitate data conversion between incompatible type systems in databases and object-oriented programming languages.

Symfony would share the title right om the top three if there was a competition of popularity. Wonder why? Symfony is already a cool name, and when coupled with features, you will see why that is the case.


Symfony comes with excellent documentation and training courses to help its users understand the software. It also recommended due to its advanced features that make it stand out. The framework uses a robust MVC architecture to help the developer separate logic from presentation and make it easier to use for beginners. Symfony is a PHP framework that comes with very advanced features but is surprisingly easy to use.

It’s also very flexible with the outstanding bundle and component features that allow the developer pic between different functionalities. The framework also comes with reusable components such as PHP libraries, routing, authentication, and templating that assist in developing a website application.

Key features of Symphony

It is a difficult job for the developers to maintain the application’s health. Symfony profiler keeps track of all the actions and backend activities on the application to keep it secure.

Symfony allows the developer to customize the web application according to the requirements. A developer can use the built-in features and library to come up with a website that is user friendly. The software also utilizes OOPS service architecture to take customization of the website to a whole new level.

Symfony is a highly stable and tested framework. It offers regular updates. Recent Symfony versions stay long-term supported and compatible with the newer releases up to 3 years.

  • Pre-Established Directory Structure

Symfony creates its own support folders based on user input. This results in the creation of the model of the project that could be later improved using views and controllers.

Symfony PHP software comes with over 30 independent components. These components can be reused to gether with the decoupled PHP libraries, which provide the foundation for a PHP development project. As a developer, you can take advantage of the validator tools, routing, console, asset, finder, and debugging.

Why should you use Symfony?

What is better than feeling like part of something bigger? A community makes frameworks survivable. In the Symfony community, people cooperate and help each other out with emerging issues. You will never be left with an unanswered question when you are part of a community.

Symfony is feature reach compared to other PHP framework. The most outstanding features this framework include bundles and components which make the software stand out. It can also be integrated with projects such as Drupal.

Symfony boasts of database engine independence and reusable PHP components. It has
proven its reliability as the perfect framework for building large organization enterprise projects where other frameworks have failed. Its components are even used by platforms such as PHPBB, Drupal, and magneto.

  • A company behind the Technology

Symfony is one of the few PHP framework software backed by a real technological company. It shows the level of seriousness of the intentions of the software. On the website, you will come across the company’s seminars and conferences all around the world.

Symfony is always being updated with better versions and more features. The support on the software is also made better, especially if you compare the earlier versions with the current. The recently updated versions stay supported to up to 3 years.

     (5) Zend

Zend PHP framework is often referred to as the component library as it’s a hub of loosely packed components. It is an object-oriented framework that is also beginner-friendly as well as this frameworks includes professional PHP based packages. All the components in the framework can be used indecently in web development.


Zend also earned the name glue framework because of its component-based. It’s designed with features such as inheritance and interfaces, which make the framework extendable. Zend allows the developer to focus solely on components and functions. A developer can also reuse code instead of rewriting it every time it’s required.

Key features of Zend

Zend has remarkable supporters including companies like Google and Microsoft that have contributed remarkable features to the framework.

Zend is backed by remarkable companies, including Google, StrikeIron, and Microsoft, contributing to the development of features. Move also supports MVC as well as MOVE (models, operations, views, and events) architecture. MOVE is an update of MVC, which makes the framework more reliable and secure.

As you know the Zend framework is an object-oriented framework and it uses various theories related to OOP along with interface. It is a customized framework in a way that it can develop a pleasing functionality for the development venture.

Zend is very safe and secure. It’s designed and updated with the BSD license that protects the software against breach from third-party and malware.

Zend can be used in recreating highly scalable applications. It can be paired with any open source
applications which yield rich platforms. It’s also very basic in operations minimizing trouble for the

Why should you use Zend?

Zend allows for customization to meet development needs. You can utilize a wide range of
add-ons and extensions without a worry. It’s very easy to add extensions from the Zend library or create a library of your own.

Zend offers classes such as OOP language and concepts such as inheritance and interfaces to tier developers.

Zend is a platform that offers both Zend certification and PHP certification. A developer and
learner that completes both will be inspired by the skills they acquire from the certification. It’s also a way of building a portfolio, especially for beginners.

Zend offers a collection of over 60 professional PHP packages that can be used for development. It also offers easy to use documentation which encourages learning the framework.

Zend framework has a lot of components. All those are for different purposes. As its open-source framework, developers can customize the components as per the requirements.


We have covered the top 5 PHP frameworks that you can use to develop a website or app. All the
frameworks we have covered are very beginner-friendly. The PHP framework you choose depends on the needs of your business.

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