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Android Beta Testers Wanted! | Codemasters Blog

Who fancies playing something NEW then? We’re looking for Android users to help us test a little game we’ve had in the works for a while – Cube 2 Cubes – by joining in with our Cube 2 Cubes Beta!

Cube 2 Cubes is a stylish, slick and devilishly addictive rapid-fire reaction game full of cube-splosive gameplay. In Cube 2 Cubes, you turn one cube into hundreds and thousands as each tap on a cube releases more into play. You can smash, explode and bash cubes in the game zone and deploy power-ups in a frantic race against the clock. The brain child of Pierre and James in our mobile studio, Cube 2 Cubes started life as a little demo, but it was so much fun we decided to send it into full development. We’d love you to have a play now and see what you think before we release the game in full.

To get access to the Cube 2 Cubes Beta on Android follow these simple steps:

  1. Join our Google+ Community, just make sure you join using the same account you have linked to your Android device
  2. Opt-in to the Beta by clicking here
  3. Install Cube 2 Cubes from here – You’ll need to have completed steps 1 and 2 before this link will work, please allow up to an hour for your Google Play account to update.
  4. Launch the game and tap away!

Please note that Cube 2 Cubes is still in Beta and we’d love to hear any feedback you have about the game. Feel free to add any comments, suggestions or questions you have over on the Cube 2 Cubes Beta Community page.

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Oscar Mayer Car Drivers Wanted: 12 Wienermobile Jobs Open

Do you wish you were an Oscar Mayer wiener?

Bad news first. You can’t morph into a mechanically separated meat link. (2020’s tech just isn’t there yet.) But the century-old cold-cut meat company is dishing out the next best thing: paid opportunities to drive a 27-foot long Oscar Mayer car — aka the Wienermobile — across the nation.

“Oscar Mayer is looking to fill 12 open Hotdogger positions, which will kick off in June at Hot Dog High,” the company announced in a press release. “The Hotdogger role is a full-time, paid, one-year job with the opportunity to crisscross the hot dog highways in the iconic Wienermobile vehicle.”

Hot Dog High is a two-week training program where you and 11 other trainees will become “experts in hot dog puns” and learn how to maneuver the oddly shaped vehicle — parallel parking lessons included. After training, you’ll hit the road, traveling to towns big and small, making media appearances and attending wiener-related expos and promotions. 

Basically, you’ll be driving your Wienermobile wherever it will generate the most buzz. 

According to the application, the 12 positions are open only to recent college grads, with preference for those who studied media-related subjects.

“We need outgoing, creative, friendly, enthusiastic, graduating college seniors who have an appetite for adventure and are willing to see the country through the windshield of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile,” the application stated. “Applicants should have a BA or BS, preferably in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising, or marketing, though applicants are not limited to these degrees.”

The company announced on Twitter that applications officially opened Jan. 6. They close Jan. 31.

“Last year, Oscar Mayer received thousands of resumes for the coveted position,” the company stated in the press release. “It’s true that more people have been to outer space than have held the position of Oscar Mayer Hotdogger.”

It may be a long shot. But if you think you’ll make the (cold) cut, send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Or snail mail your materials to:

Oscar Mayer
ATTN: Hotdogger Position
560 E Verona Ave
Verona, WI 53593

The company did not specify the salary range for Wienermobile drivers. 

Diana Greis, a spokesperson for Oscar Mayer, told The Penny Hoarder that “Hotdoggers receive a competitive compensation package for recent college graduates, and the experience traveling around the country is invaluable.”

Adam Hardy is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. He covers the gig economy, entrepreneurship and legit work-from-home jobs. Read his ​latest articles here, or say hi on Twitter @hardyjournalism.

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