Terrible customer support from Bluehost! Don’t ever sign up with them. : webhosting

So my account got hacked yesterday. The hacker deleted my email account off my account so I can’t login. I am not sure how, but I am guessing it was hacked on their support line with the way they ask you for the last 4 of your password! How is that possible? Unencrypted passwords?? I chatted with Bluehost support in the afternoon yesterday and told them what happened. They said to email their ownership team. I said OK and did, but I felt like I needed to call into support and see whats up. I spent about an hour or so calling over and over getting asked the same questions and explaining my situation to either be hung up on or just flat out told they cant do anything right now and I have to wait 24-48 hours for ownership to get back to me. I was not rude on the phone, but I did sound frustrated. I did end up getting a response from the ownership last night BUT they asked for my gov. issued IDs (which I had already sent in). So I went ahead and sent them in again. It is now 12 hours later from the last communication and I look at my bank account and see this … https://imgur.com/a/BsCkPNS

Thanks Bluehost!

Any recommendations of hosting with better support?

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