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It’s difficult to find skilled tech professionals who can execute even the most menial IT tasks. The number of job openings for technology professionals is staggering. More than 700,000 positions sit open and ready for even the least educated and most qualified tech person.

Thus competition is fierce in the world of tech recruiting. If you’re not offering top dollar for a position, it seems you’ll lose out to the bigger companies.

How then do you attract new talent in such a desert? It’s a little easier than you might think. Keep on reading to find out.

1. Use Lead Generation Techniques

You’re likely not going to win over new talent the traditional way. Throwing an ad in the paper or creating a job listing on regular job boards will likely turn up nothing. They’ll just sit there collecting dust like some forgotten piece of mail on your desk.

If you’ve been marketing for some time, you understand how to attract leads and turn them into customers or clients. Use those same tools to attract new blood to your IT department. 

Create tech challenges related to your field. These could be networking problems, information architecture problems or really anything a tech person might find fun. Use ads to entice these people to participate in the challenge and require an email to participate.

Now you have the ability to contact and offer a position. You’re in their back door and on their radar. They also know you understand what gets their blood pumping. Maybe now they’ll be interested in working for your company.

2. Look In All the Right Places

Because the competition is so incredibly fierce, you need to go on the hunt. You can’t just set a trap and wait for talent to fall in. They’ll just hop right around your bait and go for something more enticing.

You need to go to where they feed. Where are they looking for a job? What conferences are they attending? What competitions are they participating in?

If you have the funds, why not create a competition yourself? Even if it’s a small competition or an online competition, with enough recognition, your event could bring some incredible talent to the table. And once you have them inside your building, they’ll be able to experience your company culture. If your culture is attractive, it might be enough to get them to apply. 

3. Offer Better Benefits Than the Other Guy

The workforce today is all about work-life balance. You can’t expect employees to work 60 hour weeks with little vacation pay when there is so much life to experience. And you certainly can’t expect them to give up family time when there are much higher paying employees who will offer them all the leave they could ever desire.

In an employee’s market, you have to deliver the goods rather than the other way around. Good talent will have the pick of the litter. You need to look like the most happy-go-lucky pup out of the pack.

This means giving more than the standard 401K package (even Starbucks offers that to their full-time baristas). It means giving paid vacation and paid sick leave and possibly even paid family leave (although, some states now require this). 

Be creative, figure out how to offer perks others might not be offering. Maybe it means a cruise vacation once every two years, or a paid flight to some location. Make them feel like they are an overvalued part of the company.

4. Incentivize Employees to Refer Talent

If your employees feel attached to the company vision, they’re more likely to recommend the company to both potential clients and potential talent. Get your employees excited about the company culture. Offer up incentives for spreading the joy that is your company.

Most tech people like to hang out together. Whether this be in nerdy online spaces or even at local Python meetups. Where you find one tech guy or gal, you find other techies in droves.

But just asking your employees to tell their friends about the position won’t work. Remember, competition is fierce and a passing mention by one of your employees won’t be enough. You need to get the employee excited about filling the position.

This might mean a bonus/kickback if they refer an employee and the employee stays past three months. It could mean extra paid time off or dinner on the house. 

Whatever you come up with, it needs to be sufficient enough to give employees reason to share the joy of your company with their friends. But you need employees who already love your company in the first place. If you don’t have a great work culture, you’re not going to attract new talent…ever. 

5. Don’t Forget the Recruiting Site

 Yes, just creating a job listing page won’t attract new talent outright. Even when attached to an ad and used as a funnel, it won’t do a thing. But if you neglect to put one up entirely, how are potential recruits going to know what you’re about?

You don’t think the first thing a potential recruit is going to do is look you up and read here on your site what the position entails? You think they’ll just blindly follow you into your office, sign a contract, and have no idea what comes next?

Of course not! And if your career site or page isn’t the best looking thing on the planet, you’re likely going to lose potential recruits. It needs to be slick, easy to navigate, and full of useful information.

While only 16% of tech people are looking for a job right now, over 75% are want to hear about other opportunities. It’s time to reach and make that commitment to telling them about it. 

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