The Weekender: It’s good to be an iPad Edition

I’m glad we’ve seen some decent games come out recently – it’s been a good week for reviews for premium games, which is let me do some experimenting with news and older content to see what we can do to keep things ticking over.

In case you were wondering, the new Editor & Staff Writer for Pocket Tactics have been hired, and they’ll be starting next month. You’ll be getting some official comms from me as to what’s going to be happening so you guys are in the loop, but it won’t be till week after next at least as I’m on holiday next week. With that in mind, there also won’t be a Weekender update next week. The header image is courtesy of Book of Demon’s Steam page.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away…

New App Releases

Company of Heroes (iPad)

This is just a reminder for anyone who didn’t read our review yesterday, but Company of Heroes is now finally out on iPad. Feral did another great job adapting this classic RTS for the smaller screens, although as always with these kinds of games they can only do so much. There are plenty of actions in CoH that require a bit of finesse and these are still a little bit awkward to do on an iPad, even if the excellent new control scheme.

Also worth noting that this is just the base game’s single-player campaign and then up to 4v4 Skirmishes against the AI. There’s no multiplayer as of yet, and nothing from the game’s two expansions either. These are hopefully coming further down the line.

Book of Demons (iPad)

Another tablet-exclusive game, Book of Demons has been making a name for itself on Steam since 2018, and is now ready to conquer the hearts & minds of iOS tablet users. It mixes hack’n slash dungeon crawling with deck-building mechanics. It features procedurally generated dungeons and a seperate rogue-like mode. The Steam page mentions controller support, but we’re unsure whether this functionality has made it into the iOS version.

I’ve got Matt S on the case, so hopefully our review will be live before the end of the month. Early chatter from the web seems favourable, though.

Also of note:

  • Microsoft’s game streaming service, Project xCloud, has finally come to iOS, although it’s a lot more restricted than the Android counterpart.
  • Pokemon Home, the new service app that allows you to track your Pokemon collection across multiple games (amongst other things), is now available on. We can only find an iOS store link right now, but it’s also supposed to be on Android (and the Switch).

App Updates & News

Some pretty cool updates and announcements dropped this past week, here’s the summary:

Stardew Valley has finally updated the mobile version to 1.4, which was a huge update that added a new map, lots of new items, a new end-game mystery… even a movie theatre! You can read the full change-log here, but it contains spoilers. Saves from the PC version of the game should also now work in the mobile version.

GWENT is coming to Android! After some rumours started circulating earlier in the week, CDPR finally announced that the hit Witcher card game spin-off will be coming to the Google Play store on March 24th, 2020. Progress can be synced between iOS and PC if you use your GOG account. Pre-registration is available now, and if you sign-up you get an exclusive avatar to use in-game.

Minecraft Earth’s Early Access build has also been updated to Version 0.12.0, and includes persistent health between Adventures as well as being able to eat meat to regain health. There’s also a new mob called the Wooly Cow. A few new Android phone models have also been green-lit to play the game. Check out the full notes here.

Perchang, creators of Warhammer Quest & Warhammer Quest 2 are back with another entry in the tactical RPG series. This time they’re ditching the Old World for the Mortal Realms with Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. This new title is reported to have a big campaign, ten playable champions as well as weekly trials. It’s due out on iOS and Android later this year.

App Sales

It’s nice to see some decent sales on the table again – this year’s been a little dry so far. Here’s what we’ve found:

  • Asmodee Digital are running a sale on a number (but not all) of their titles on iOS and Android. Notable ones include Twilight Struggle & Jaipur, but there are a few others as well.
  • Stardew Valley is down to $4.99 on mobile to celebrate the release of the 1.4 Update.
  • Knights of the Card Table, a quirky deck-building dungeon-crawler is down to $2.99 – it’s best price to date.
  • We weren’t huge fans of Codex of Victory when it released back in 2017, but it’s currently down to $0.99 so who cares. Maybe it’s gotten better in recent years?

Seen anything else you liked? Played any of the above? Let us know in the comments!

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