Torn between Dreamhost or Skystra for hosting a small WordPress blog / site. Can someone help me make a decision? : webhosting

I’m looking to start up a website that will have a blog / about me / photography using WordPress. I’m a beginner and don’t know anything about starting a website, using WordPress, or website hosting.

From what I’ve gathered, hosting providers that offer “managed WordPress” hosting is better since they take care of the back end stuff for you? And the hosting is integrated with WordPress?

Here’s Skystra’s plan I’m looking at. I like it because of the price (as long as that’s really the monthly price and not their yearly quote). I also like that they’re hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Even though they’re not a VPS (everyone is suggesting to use a VPS) It seems like they’re reliable enough to get my small site up and running.

Here’s Dreamhost’s plan. The 2 things that stuck out to me I highlighted. I like that it’s a VPS so it’s probably reliable. I also like that it hosts unlimited websites, as I have another site in mind once I get my initial one up and running. The only thing that’s turning me off on it is that it’s not advertised as a “managed” wordpress site. Does that means I’m going to have more configurations to deal with? Thanks.

Can someone steer me in the right direction? Am I understanding these concepts fairly okay based on this post? Thanks.

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