Viglinks VS Skimlinks : Affiliatemarketing

Viglinks VS Skimlinks

Viglinks on the left, Skimlinks on the right.

After going back and forth many times with Skimlinks, they kept telling me that my links were problematic. Even though I switched over from another provider which was working fine.

Skimlinks even tried to butter me up saying that my AliExpress click throughs were better than their top performers, but thats no good to me if they weren’t going to pay me.

So then I switched over to Viglinks and after 2 days of moving across some of the links, I am already starting to see results.

I have heared many people claiming that Skimlinks payouts have dropped and this os clear evidence that even after they told me that my Aliexpress click through were higher than their highest performers, they still could not track a penny.

Unfortunately Skimlinks, a big 👎 from me

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