Weight Loss TRAFFIC Decoder for making money with pdf files : Affiliatemarketing

Main Overview:

We will target a good, highly converted product from marketplace. After that We will get the affiliate link of that product. After that We will make a 1-2 page short PDF from weight loss niche article’s with my secret tricks. Then We will insert our product affiliate link into our PDF. Remember We will make PDF from helpful Weight loss article. So Every PDF is a potential Viral Content. Then We will Share this PDF file to various Weight loss facebook group and people will grab it cause it is helpful content. We can also upload our PDF file to 15 different document sharing sites People will download our Free PDF and get the helpful content and With the Affiliate Links inserted into the PDF will give us Sales and COmmission See, We have no intention to sell anything but Sales will come frequently cause we’re helping people by sharing value. Perfect Product Choose :

First Create an affiliate account on clickbank, You can also use other affiliate network who offer weight loss product and have good conversion ratio. I personally use clickbank to promote my desired product.

My Recommendation is to use 3 Weeks Diet as weight loss product specially in women weight loss category. This product has high conversion rate, well landing page and average gravity which signify positivity to promote.

Searching for Helpful ‘’ Weight loss Article’’ online and convert them into PDF:

For Searching Helpful Weight loss article , you have to search on google these keywords :

How to lose weight fast a fast losing weight diet fast weight loss diet fast weight loss diet and workout plan fast weight loss diet at home fast weight loss diet meal plan fast weight loss diet menu fast weight loss diet plan fast weight loss diet plan without exercise fast weight loss diet plans that work fast weight loss diets in 7 days fast weight loss diets that work need a quick weight loss diet quick weight loss best diet quick weight loss center diet blog quick weight loss diet and exercise plan quick weight loss diet and workout plan quick weight loss diet at home quick weight loss diet bars quick weight loss diet book rapid weight loss by diet rapid weight loss diet and exercise plan rapid weight loss diet book a diet how to lose weight fast a menu to lose weight fast a plan to lose weight fast a way to lose weight fast how to lose weight fast how to lose weight fast and easy how to lose weight fast and healthy how to lose weight fast and safe how to lose weight fast at home in a week how to lose weight fast at home without exercise how to lose weight fast without exercise When You will search these keywords once, you will get 1000’s of online article on google search. Just be creative here.

You have to create PDF document where the Title will be the Article Title and You have to just copy paste the article body to make your pdf . Then Insert your affiliate link as anchor text on pdf article .

If You don’t know to how to make a pdf document then learn it from Youtube.

I recommend to use Google Doc for Pdf maker . After editing just publish your document as pdf on google doc.

Affiliate Link Insertion into PDF Weight Loss :

You will See How i insert my aff link to that pdf. I have also inserted a pic which i cut from 3 weeks diet banner photo on their jv page.

weight loss

Just Use some brain to make a good PDF using a Good Helpful Content.

Now You have a Highly Helpful PDF Content which people love to read and learn. You just need reach this among the people. You have to spread it out.

Do this type PDF at least 1 a day

Promotion / Traffic Weight Loss:

We will use ALL FREE Traffic. We will Use 2 Traffic Source.

  1. File Sharing Sites.

  2. Facebook Group Related to Weight Loss.

1.From File Sharing Sites

There are lot File Sharing Sites. You have to Upload your PDF file ( Affiliate Link Inserted – like my Sample PDF ) to those File Sharing Sites.

As Your PDF content is helpful and has a helpful title , so people will download this pdf to read. You have to share each pdf everytime. In 5% cases , Your PDF will go Viral for its valuable content and title.

And You will get tons of laser targeted click on your affiliate link and by which you will get commission

Here I’m giving some File sharing sites names:

1 | DropBox 2 | MediaFire 3 | 4Shared 4 | Google Drive 5 | SkyDrive 6 | iCloud 7 | Box 8 | Mega 9 | ZippyShare 10 | Uploaded 11 | DepositFiles 12 | HighTail 13 | SendSpace 14 | RapidShare 15 | FileCrop.com

2. From Facebook Group:

You Can Join Lots of Facebook groups which are Weight loss and fitness related and you will get those facebook group by searching facebook search bar typing different weight loss words.

You will see thousands of groups for every keywords, join those group. I recommend to join which group has 20000+ members. You will get approval in 90% cases after joining request

weight loss

Source with images: https://edumoney.net/tutorials/weight-loss-traffic-decoder/ 

My Recommendation :

Just Do it for 30 days , make 30 pdf as i shown how to make it and share as i told. You will see easy $500 a day soon.

Making a PDF will take maximum 10 minutes after 5 days and sharing and upload process will take 50 minutes + day. That’s 1 hour a day.

And You will see a life changing income in no time.

P.P.S : At first week it can take 2 hours a day to do everything. Dont tense ! Do this extra work for your own life and you can do everything in 1 hour after 7 days maximum.

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