What are the types of masks, do you know the production standards of masks?

At the beginning of this year, the new crown epidemic was suspended from all walks of life. However, the production enterprises of epidemic prevention materials are not affected at all, which undoubtedly makes the mask a hard currency. In the craziest days, there were more than 50,000 mask manufacturers, large and small, and the quality was uneven.

Faced with a wide variety of masks, most people are still confused. Today, we will sort out the knowledge about what kind of tired masks are and share it with everyone.

Mask category:

The masks currently on the domestic market include cotton masks, paper masks, activated carbon masks, sponge masks, medical surgical masks and N95 masks.

Classification of masks

However, everyone must pay attention to that one must choose disposable medical surgical masks and N95-grade masks if they can really protect against viruses, especially when going to a hospital.

However, it is recommended to choose a disposable medical mask for daily commuting to work. The main difference between it and medical surgical mask is 95 for meltblown and 99 for medical surgery.

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Knowing the classification of masks, what are the production standards for masks?

Currently, masks are divided into three standards:

The N series is an American standard. For example, N95 is produced according to the American standard NOISH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health), and the manufacturers are 3M and Honeywell.

The FFP series is a European standard, for example: FFP2 is the European standard EN149.

KN series is Chinese standard, for example: KN95 is Chinese standard GB2626-2006.

All the three types of masks printed on the masks are qualified masks.

The higher the number, the higher the protection level.

Expressed by a formula, you may understand it more easily: FFP3>FFP2=N95=KN95>KN90

If there is a “V” at the end of the number, it means there is a valve.

The N95 mask is one of 9 anti-particulate masks certified by NIOSH. “N” means not suitable for oily particles (oil fumes produced by cooking are oily particles, and the droplets generated by people talking or coughing are not oily); “95” means filtering under the test conditions specified by the NIOSH The efficiency reaches 95%. N95 is not a specific product name. As long as it conforms to the N95 standard and has passed the NIOSH review, the product can be called “N95 mask”.

All 95 starts with the N95 series. The 90 series is also acceptable. The 90 series does not have a high protection level of 95, but it can also resist more than 90%, which is much better than ordinary masks.

Under normal circumstances, used to resist viruses and influenza, N95 series is sufficient.

The model and execution standard of the mask are printed on the left side of the mask. You can purchase masks according to this.

Finally, I would like to remind you that in the mask market, many players who make quick money are clearing and dumping goods, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. So try to choose regular, fully qualified manufacturers mask products.

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