What is Google RankBrain & How Does It Affect Your SEO? |

shutterstock_630500720RankBrain is another Google rollout that helps process search queries. It’s an artificial intelligence (AI) program that makes handling search queries never seen before much more effective. The AI embeds large amounts of vectors that a computer can comprehend. 

How Does RankBrain Work? 

If it sees a word or search phrase it’s never seen before, it makes educated guesses. The machine will look for phrases or words that may have similar or the same meanings. Then, it filters the results, based on various factors, such as the user’s location. 

According to Search Engine Land, Google says its RankBrain gives users different results based on location for various reasons. For example, when “How many teaspoons in a cup” is entered in a Google search query, US and Australia results differ. This is because each country has different measurements.  

Overall, the Google search engineers have created a valuable product. RankBrain has the ability to learn and recognize new search phrases and patterns. Then, it revises the search engine results pages (SERPS) based on this new information. 

How Does Google’s RankBrain Affect Your SEO? 

Define your SEO keywords. That’s always been the first step toward developing an effective SEO campaign. For years, this has been the foundation of campaigns to drive traffic using keywords. Generally, you’d simply search for keywords that are relevant to your brand that you believe your target customers are using in queries. 

But, what if your target customers aren’t actually using the keywords you’ve targeted in your SEO campaign? Then, the entire thing is doomed from day one. This is what will be affected most by Google RankBrain. 

Before it was launched, software engineers at Google had to create mathematical algorithms. These were the tools that determined search rankings. Updates had to be made regularly to keep up with search trends.  

Now, thanks to the artificial intelligence of RankBrain, this algorithm constantly changes on its own, while learning new search trends and strategies. That means, in today’s age, your SEO campaign must adapt to the various changes being made to the landscape of search engine rankings. 

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