What Is the Chief Benefit of Increasing Your Passive Blogging Income?

I want to explore this topic a little deeper as I just recorded my podcast on a similar subject. Someone asked this question on Quora recently. I thought it through.

Yes you can replace your high paying job income with your blogging income. If you make six figures a year through your current job you can make six figures a year through blogging. But a huge difference exists between a high-paying job salary and your blogging income.

Before you accepted your high paying job, you signed a contract. This contract involved receiving a set salary from your employer, usually every Thursday or every two Thursdays. Literally, this is money in your bank. Most jobs work this way. Work a set amount of hours. Get paid based on those hours and of course fulfilling your job duties.

Blogging is completely different from this income-earning model. Before you can make six figures through your blog you will need to work 5000 hours to 10,000 hours to 20000 hours or more. No employer pays you six figures after your first year of blogging. Nobody pays you every Thursday. You may work for one year for free. This happens sometimes. Or you may spend eight to 12 hours every day for the next 365 days blogging generously and see about $600 in blogging income after a full year. One current seven-figure blogger shared this was his experience.


Of course, that seven-figure blogger makes millions of dollars now. He understood the secret to successful blogging. Work for free, trust in the process, improve your skills, increase your exposure, open multiple streams of income, and slowly but steadily, money will keep flowing to you in increasing amounts. You can eventually replace your high paying job income with your blogging income but it will likely require you to spend 10000 to 20000 hours of generously helping people while you profit through multiple streams of income before you replace your six-figure or bigger salary. This is reality.

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Some bloggers who leave their high paying jobs make the critical mistake of thinking like an employee who receives a salary. You may read this post and choose to ignore everything after the first few sentences. This is your fear, your greed, your desperation, your delusion and 100% your fault. Blogging is not a job worked for an employer. You are the boss. You are in charge. Money flows to you over time. You may work for free for the first 3 to 6 months. This is what it takes to build a genuine, meaningful and ever-growing blogging business. But you make $5 here. $200 there. Then you make $1,000. Then the number keeps increasing over time.

Eventually, if you generously help people for 10,000 to 20000 hours or more, you will hit your six-figure income. Maybe it takes you 2 or 3 or 7 years but you will get there. The key is to help people for free, to trust in the process, to follow only top blogging tips bloggers and to expand your prosperity consciousness. Do these things and the money will come but it will not come in the first year or maybe even in the third or fourth year, as far as earning six figures.

Either completely accept that your income will increase over time but fluctuate over the first two to four years or just keep working your high paying job. Being straight with yourself is the most direct way to figure out if blogging is or is not for you.

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