What to when you need products from a lot of advertisers ? : Affiliatemarketing

Hi guys,

We have a gifting site that publishes gift recommendations. Very similar to: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/fashion/g13602855/best-gift-ideas-for-women/

I have two questions:

1- They seem to be linking to products from a wide range of sites. When sourcing gift ideas, we find a lot of products from tens of site. One product here and another there. Which makes me wonder how does this work ? should we just select 4-6 sites and only get gift ideas from those ? or is there a better way to go about this that won’t limit us to a handful of advertisers ?

2- I plan to create similar sites in the near future. Product recommendation sites. How would you go about building up content to apply for affiliate programs ? with our current site, we had to publish 10 posts before we could apply so advertisers can see that we have content.

Issue is, we used just regular links to build those 10 posts and assumed that once we get enough posts and apply for the affiliate programs, we would just go back and replace those links with affiliate ones. Issue is, for example, we got a lot of gift ideas from Etsy.com. They ended up rejecting our application. Now I have to go back and replace all these products and their descriptions …. etc which feels like a lot of time wasted honestly. Specially with the fact that most of those products can’t be found on another platform and a lot of these posts now rank #1 and changing too much content will risk losing that.

How do we avoid this paradox in the future? we need to apply for affiliate programs to know what products/services to link to, and we need to content to apply for affiliate programs!

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