Work as a Tutor in Course Hero : workathome

Course Hero is a platform for people who want to work as text-based tutors in their respected subject expertise. People who have a Bachelor’s Degree or at least College-level can apply as a tutor. All you need to have is a supporting document like a Diploma or Transcript of Records. There is no interview required, but there will be some questions to be asked if you apply for subjects like Math and Physics.

Payment for each question can go as low as 3$ and can go as high as 26$ (in my own experience). Payment needs to be verified for a maximum of 16 days before it gets credited to your account. The minimum payout threshold is 20$ via PayPal. In my own experience, the payout is always real-time in crediting, so no problems there for now.

In my first month working as a Tutor in Course Hero, I already cashed out at least 500$ in my PayPal. I am expecting at least 700$ for my income in a whole month. Please see this link for proof of my latest payments and total earnings I had when I started working as a tutor. Please be advised that I am on the platform for at least 8 hours a day, making this my part-time job until I find a full-time job.

Now, for the link for applying as a tutor: Link

The non-referral link and referral link are the same because only chosen tutors are allowed to refer potential tutors.

A Referral Code is needed for a referral. If you want to register as a tutor with my referral code, here it is: KJN1L

The referral code will be entered at the very bottom of your application page. For reference, please see this link.

The benefit of using my referral code is that we both will have 5$.


  1. You qualify as a tutor.

  2. You have received at least three (3) Student Helpful Ratings during your first 14 days of approval.

  3. My Account and your account must be in good standing (not removed nor disabled) to qualify.

  4. My Account and your account must have a verified PayPal account associated with our Course Hero’s tutor account to receive payment. (My PayPal account is verified already.)

According to Course Hero, qualified referrals will be reviewed by them at the end of each month and payments will go out via PayPal by the end of the following month.

For any questions or clarifications in regards to my post, please message me so I can help you with it.

Now, with all that being said, register as a Tutor in Course Hero!